I will pay for the following article Conceptual Analysis. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. If one has to love, it might be necessary not to ask something in return and it is a decision to take for this matter. Therefore, it is possible to see unrequited love at some point, as long as there are individuals who will decide to love even if they will not be loved in return. On the other hand, love does not inherently involve sexual attraction. For this matter, we can always go back to our major premise that love is a decision to take and part of it is to go for it even if there is no sexual attraction involved. Since love is a decision, one can therefore love with more than one person at a time or over a lifetime. Finally, although love is linked to survival and reproduction, but knowing it is a decision, then one can still decide to love even if it is beyond the context of continued existence and propagation. Now, let us move our discussion to unveil sufficient condition on what does it mean to really be in love. Sufficiently, we can say that one is really in love when he or she is able to express that feeling from within, by which it is a form of engagement or personal attachment to whoever such expression has to be given. The expression involved in this case can be verbal, non-verbal or both. In the presence of this verbal, non-verbal or both requirements, love can be manifested and it is a sufficient condition to consider that there exists an opportunity to show what love is. Although actions may speak louder than words, these two requirements are relevant expressions that one can employ individually or both in order for us to determine what it means to really be in love. Therefore, the act of showing love is manifested through verbal and non-verbal gestures as substantial evidence for its actual expression. For instance, if a man gives flower to a woman because he loves her may not sufficiently convince us that he really indeed loves her. However, further necessary expressions is needed to prove this, and here where we can probably depict a combination of the needed requirements, verbally and non-verbally. Now that we have finally formulated the necessary and sufficient conditions in order to know what it means to really be in love, we are heading to discuss the intended Socratic definition for this matter. Concerning this, we can therefore say that an individual is in love when he or she is performing a decision to do it, by which we can actually depict through verbal and non-verbal acts or both as the sufficient requirements. Section B. Conceptual Analysis II: Love In Section A, we have introduced the necessary condition for the realization of love, which is a form of decision to take. To sufficiently prove this, expressions such as verbal and non-verbal or both as the requirements must be depicted. Therefore, we can define that an individual is in love when he or she is performing a decision to do it, by which we can actually depict through verbal and non-verbal acts or both as the sufficient requirements. Socrates might refute this claim by providing substantial counter examples, so as to nullify the entire concept by providing an instance that may potentially defy it. For this reason, here are the potential counter examples that Socrates might probably use against the established definition above. Socrates might use the concept of commitment as necessary element linked to love. Therefore, without this commitment, which is something one could sufficiently observe, then there is no existence of love at all.


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