I will pay for the following article Complexity Leadership Theory: Shifting leadership from the industrial age to the knowledge era. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Organizing function involves arrangement of variety of activities and systems in a manner that facilitate the actions required for completion of a task. In their article, Albu and Morosan-Danila (2009) have outlined the issues and challenges faced by contemporary organizations and workforce. they highlight the role of HR manager in tackling these issues by reinforcing contribution and significance of HR manager in organizing and coordinating organizational activities. In this article, Albu and Morosan-Danila’s (2009) perspective of HR manager is critical to organization’s functioning as well as success. HR manager’s role as a change agent and planner is highlighted in terms of fostering ethics, administration as well as social responsibility. HR manager plays a central role in creating an organizational culture that binds workers to the company’s objectives with full professional commitment, integration, and quality work (p.134). In order to meet the demands posed by challenges because of globalization and stiff competition, HRM has seen a drastic change, which Albu and Morosan-Danila (2009) identify as emphasis on recruitment and selection. need for training and development. strategic integration of management policies across all locations. adequate pay and benefits. and management of unions and other legislative policies. To counter these criticalities, Albu and Morosan-Danila (2009) emphasize the significance of HR manager. Factors to be considered include development of workforce skills, effective rewards and performance management, diverse expertise, organizational systems, team working, and minimal lay-offs. For this HR managers’ focus is high on HR policies, employee motivation, employee relations, organizational change, and quality. The authors lay special emphasis on other trends and challenges faced by contemporary HRM. Firstly, workplace diversity is critical for organizational sustenance. Diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, race, physical qualities, sexual orientation, education, geographic location, income, marital status, religion, parental status, work experience is given high importance. They point out that organizations are still struggling to employ workforce diversity in an effective manner. Highlighting the benefits of workforce diversity, the authors emphasize the role of HR manager in changing the organization’s culture and perspective from an ethnocentric view to multicultural view through his/her planning, organizing, leading and controlling organizational resources. Secondly, talent management is crucial for organizational sustenance. This is achieved by adopting complex rewards systems, recruiting and selection strategies, and effective performance management. HR manager’s role in achieving these involves designing and formulating effective policies and practices. Organizing talent strategically is a part of the talent management whereby organizations employ diversified workforce and exploring various business opportunities at different locations. HR manager’s activity is to arrange diversified workforce in a manner that optimizes business profits and enhances opportunities. Controlling and measuring of aspects such as promotion, pay, benefits, and organizational environment are key responsibilities of HRM. Motivational activities through reward management must enhance employee motivation and commitment in order to derive best performance and also increase employee loyalty. Finally, Albu and Morosan-Danila (2009) point at Executive information systems (EIS) as critical to management decision making. In conclusion, the authors highlight challenges faced in contemporary HRM and the key drivers of organizational success that can be integrated into HRM in order to achieve organizational growth and development. References Albu, O and Morosan-Danila, L. 2009. Current trends in HRM. The Annals of the “Stefan cel Mare,” 9 2(10) :134-139.


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