I will pay for the following article Career exploration. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The major duties that I will handle in this occupation include intensive communication with the patients to ensure that I obtain full and detailed information from them (National Center for O*NET Development, 2010). In addition, I also have a duty to ensure confidentiality of the patients’ information, so that the clients can trust me. I also have the duty to organize counseling sessions for all the clients in order to ensure that each client is accorded ample counseling time. I also have to develop different treatment plans for all the clients based on their different problems. For instance, a client seeking counseling services about marital problems will not be counseled in the same way as a client being counseled about parenting issues. Therefore, as a mental counselor I have to organize the way in which I will handle each of these clients. Finally, I have the duty to prepare and keep treatment records of all the patients that I counsel. As a mental health counselor,my typical workday should involve a maximum of eight clients. The number of clients handled per day should not be high since this might lead to poor quality services. However, I should at least handle two clients per day. The activities of the day will depend on the client being handled. For instance, in some sessions we might engage in extracurricular activities such as games and sports. On the other hand, other sessions will involve reading books and magazines. Therefore, generally the activities that I engage in with the clients will also determine the number of clients that a handle in a day. Working Conditions for this career The work environment in this occupation mainly involves working during the day. This is because. some of the clients will be aggressive and uncooperative and thus, handling them during the night might be difficult. On the other hand, as a counselor, I need to spend a lot of time with the client and therefore, this might involve long working hours with minimal breaks(U.S. Department of Labor, 2012). In addition, counseling is not a king of job that can be sharedlike administering of drugs. In this occupation, one particular counselor can only handle one client. Therefore, working with other counselors is very rare, unless handling different clients. This occupation also has different psychological aspects. For instance, it is very stressing when handling an uncooperativeclient. Preparation and qualification for this career In order to be a mental health counselor, I should possess the right qualifications. I should well be acquitted with issues pertaining psychology. This implies that I should have the knowledge of the way I should handle different psychological problems such as self-esteem and suicidal attempts. As a counselor, I should also be proficient with Sociology and Anthropology (National Center for O*NET Development, 2010). I should also be fluent in the language that I will use to counsel my clients. Since I will be dealing with record keeping, I should also be efficient in doing clerical work. This will help me to be more organized in the way that I keep records for my clients. Since it is clear that the occupation mainly involves dealing with people, it is clear that I need to possess effective communication skills. Therefore, I should be a good speaker and listener. I should also be socially perceptive in order to ensure that I understand the position of my client.


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