I will pay for the following article Calling the nation to act: Implementing the national action plan to improve health literacy. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Calling the nation to act: Implementing the national action plan to improve health literacy: Research article review. Calling the nation to act: Implementing the national action plan to improve health literacy: Research article review. The national plan to improve health literacy looks forward to engage organizations, professionals, policymakers, communities, individuals as well as families in a linked and coordinated multi sector effort to improve the health literacy in the community. This plan is based on the principles that every one has the right to have good health and health services should be delivered in ways that are beneficial and understandable to health, quality of life and longevity. This plan is beneficial to all especially health professionals like the nursing community. This plan can be exclusively used to identify the hindrances or barriers that affect negatively the health outcomes of a society. This plan is not only useful to the nursing community but to other relative health professions like healthcare, public health, health education, educators, research in health, medical practitioners etc. all these segments need to be informed about the importance of health literacy as well as efforts to overcome the barriers surrounding it. This plan is more useful to nurses because they are the people who are in direct touch with the patients. Therefore this action plan includes goals and strategies that the nursing community can adapt to improve health literacy. The national health plan to improve health literacy has its own relevance in the modern health world. Nowadays health is a predominant factor in an individual perspective as well as on a national perspective therefore improvement of health as well as removal. of barriers that harm literacy movements has been on the top agenda for individuals, organizations and the governments’ around the world. This article on health action plan acts as a good guidebook to get started down the road and to make healthy contributions to a more literate society. The views expressed in this article do not reflect the ideas of those persons in a particular area but it converges on a national outcome. The article mainly emphasizes the role of nurses in removing the barriers towards achieving health literacy. Therefore it is of at most importance to nursing professionals. The main weaknesses of this article are that it fails to give importance to the role of other medical and health professionals other than nurses. Although others are referred in the article they fail to get due importance. Hence this article is solely beneficial to the nursing community. It seems that the author has a biased approach towards nursing community. Other important drawback of this article is the lack of statistics in the area of health care. It would have been better if appropriate statistics has been provided with regard to the success of the national health plan as well as its implication. Overall this article provides good information’s to the health care communities particularly nurses. It clearly envisages the vision, goals and strategies of the national health plan in a schematic manner. It brings down the goals that the nurses should achieve as part of implementing the national health plan. Moreover the objectives as well as significance of the action plan are highlighted along with its development process. This article contains comprehensive explanations of the national action plan that could be beneficial to all those persons who are really interested it (Baur.2010). Reference: Baur.C. (2010). Calling the nation to act: Implementing the national action plan to improve health literacy. (59).


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