I will pay for the following article Brazil : the political-social-economic context (with reference to tourism). The work is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Brazil is a country that is located in South America and it is by size the largest when compared to other South and Latin American countries.It is so much diversified in wildlife, natural resources and natural ecosystems which make it rank 17 among other countries that take a large number of tourists in the world. This diversity can be attributed to its friendly climate that supports various forms of life. In terms of size and the number of people living in Brazil, it takes position five globally. Over 193 million people live in Brazil. It was colonized by Portuguese for several decades from 1500 up to 182 when it gained its independence. It is located along Longitudes 28 and 74 degrees West. and latitude 6 and 34 degrees south. It has a total area of 8,514.876.599 km2 of both land and water. It has 55,455 km2 covered by water. A unique feature in its location is that it has its territories extending beyond the tropics and it lies on the equator. It is the only country with this feature in the world. It is made of hills, plains, highlands and mountains making its topography very diverse. In terms of elevation it is between 200 and 800 metres. It has 8 drainage systems, making it one of the countries in the globe with a very extensive river system. All these drains take their water to the Atlantic ocean. It houses the world’s second longest river. Amazon also has the largest volume of water in the world. Other rivers include Parana, Xingu, Negro, and Sao Francisco among others. Climate It has one of the best tropical climatic conditions in the world giving it an ability to support diverse lives on earth. Although to some little extent, the country experiences semiarid, temperate, sub tropical and equatorial conditions giving rise to the presence of equatorial rain forests, semi arid deserts, tropical savannas and temperate coniferous forests in the country. neighbouring countries On the East side of Brazil is bound by Atlantic ocean which stretches for 7,491 km. On the Northern side Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana and Guyana are located. It’s bordered by Bolivia & Peru. and Colombia on the West and north west respectively. Paraguay and Argentina are located on the South West of Brazil. It so big that it shares its border with all other South American countries with exception of two countries. namely Chile and Ecuador. key development regions Brazil is known for its great role in the formation of United Nations, Latin Union, Union of South American Nations, and G20 among other organizations or associations which bring several countries together for common pursuits. Political (Max 300 words) It is a potential super power, although currently it can be well referred to as a middle powerful country in the world. Its government is devolved with three centres for exercised of power namely State, Municipality and Federal district. Citizenship, human dignity, Sovereignty of the nation and people, freedom of enterprise and labour system based on social values, and political pluralism are core components of the sovereignty of Brazil. The constitutions established existence of executive, legislative and judiciary which is under check to ensure no imperialism exists in the exercise of power. There is independence of executive and legislative spheres of the government. At state, municipality and district, both legislative and executive has representation. The judiciary only exists at federal and district levels. To be a member of the judiciary, there are entry exams which an individual must do and pass. On the other hand, one has to be elected by people in order to qualify for an executive and legislative position in the country.


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