I wanted to focus a bit on your point about the issue of access

1)In your response, I wanted to focus a bit on your point about the issue of access to firearms. I amsure we can agree that there are some legitimate uses for guns. I believe what the discussion hascentered around are the facts that some abuse the use and cause issues for others. Guns havenever actually killed anyone, as you noted, guns placed in the wrong situation or hands they thenbecomes dangerous and persons killed senselessly. When you noted that if stricter gun laws were inplace then we would not have these concerns; then I started thinking about the death penalty andwhether that has been deterrence. What be a factor to reduce the element of deaths by firearmswhen the death penalty has not?2)As I read over your posting, I thought of some points to discuss further. We all can agree thatsenseless deaths occurred due to how guns are readily available in the streets. There are someplaces in the world where officers do not carry guns. Restriction on access due to the mental statecan help to lessen some senseless deaths that have affected our lives. In focusing on theconstitution, why in your opinion do you believe there is such a resistance to amend or change thesecond amendment?3)As I read over your posting, I can certainly appreciate your honesty as youare not a proponent of gay marriage. However; you put aside your ownpersonal beliefs and focused on the issue of whether persons who identifythemselves as being gay should have the right by law to marry one another.When we think of our beliefs and how strongly those beliefs affect ourdecisions making on a particular issue or situation, it does impact us. Gaymarriage and gay rights is a hot topic that many have different views on whatshould or should not be allowed by the laws of this country. So you noted thatif two are in love then they should have the same rights as those who identifyas heterosexual. So in picking this topic, and with having such strongconvictions of your beliefs that this type of lifestyle is inappropriate, whatchanges if any did you have when you looked at arguing this side of theissue? Did you find yourself though you may not agree, having a betterunderstanding of their plight for equal rights of those who are heterosexual?



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