I need some assistance with these assignment. the sociological imagination Thank you in advance for the help! This happens when a person has many expectations on the outcome of the issues they working on and imagining of the resolutions. However, the situation may be encouraging if there are higher chances that the expectations to be achieved are attainable. People, who are able to see things beyond themselves and think them in the social context, achieve these things successfully. Although it is hard to achieve higher than what one can or achieve on the context of social aspects, the few individuals who do that are highly respected in the society and are highly valued, i.e. they have a high social status in among the society members. The conflict emerges when tries to connect the two issues that is the individual and society since these two different contexts. Society is much bigger than the individual in that he/she cannot think or even imagine taking the whole society which may be a country to his/her own interest. These sociology paper states my real life problem related with social imagination. It discusses the other peoples views of my opinion problem and how they are related and influenced my sociological imagination basing my argument on the American writer by the name c. wrights. The paper also states on the recommendations on if it is possible for the matter to that handled in that situation and if something can be done to eliminate or lessen the expectations. Finally, the paper gives a conclusion basing on the experience and how other people can apply it. The conclusion also shows the effects and the causes of sociological imagination among us. Problem Many people from my society have believed in doing something that can be recognized by all and be honored as the people who have brought history and much honor to the society. They just see or imagine themselves in the books of history as the ones who brought or are of the contributors of the honor that the country dominates in the world. People do try day and night to make history imagining them carrying the nation’s flag and the whole nation singing the national anthem for them. As for my part after I explored plenty of the fields as to where I can some successful act that will make be recognized and achieve great. Because I loved and I still do love sports, I thought of doing the act in the sports world. I thought of trying volleyball, as it is the game that many of my fellow girls prefer of all the kinds of sports that exists. Nevertheless, I argued that the favor will not be mine alone, but for the whole team. Thought of trying something else like the basketball which is not more complicated and I can manage to secure a half court at home and be training by myself sometimes. Though it does not comprise of many players, the riskiness of the game carried me out. I was in a dilemma of what to do in the field that was my only option. After much consultation from my inner voices and some of my family members, I concluded to do athletics, which did not call much involvement of arrangement for team training and transports to the destination, which may be training grounds, sports center, etc. I saw myself carrying the world like the Catherine Dereba of Kenya, Marion Jones of the USA, Trunesh Dibaba of Ethiopia etc. I knew it would be so hectic and hard for me, but decided to go on ahead with it and said, do whatever you want no matter what it takes to achieve the best you want in life.


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