I need some assistance with these assignment. reflective learning report Thank you in advance for the help! I also ensured that I led the accounting department as a team. Team work certainly helped us since. we could generate ideas more quickly and also come up with solutions to various problems faced in the course of work. This had a lot of impact on the people I was working with since. they also learnt to be hard working and relate well with their colleagues. The impact on the outcome of work was also positive since, through my department, the organization made investments that were successful and profitable. The learning model that was hugely beneficial in my work is the experimental psychology model (Knowles, 2012, 9). I had drawn down the model and purposed to follow it step by step in order to achieve my desired objectives. I was self-motivated and was also motivated by the goals and objectives that I had set for myself and the company. My fellow colleagues also motivated me to work harder in order to achieve the set goals. My perception also profoundly affected my way of work since. at times I perceived things different from the rest of the employees and thus ended up making mistakes. I also purposed to acquire all the necessary skills for my work in order to achieve my set goals. I then assessed my performance through analyzing the improvements of the company. This way, I would know that I had made an impact on the workplace and other people too. Substantive Topic Applied: Team Work Team and group work immensely assisted in the success of work at Vital Company. This is because. with the accounts of the company being so vast, we had to divide ourselves into different groups in order to meet the time limit of preparing the financial statements. Members decided to form groups consisting of ten members each in order to accommodate all the members. Each group had a leader to coordinate it and a secretary to take notes. Each group would then set its own goals which it wanted to achieve at the end of the financial period. However, all groups agreed to be meeting at the same time in order to ensure that each group met. After a certain period, each group analyzed its performance and development through analyzing its forming, storming, norming and performing areas (Belbin, 2012, 65). Team work also assisted in the success of the company since. there was a better decision making, and coverage of large quantity of work within a short period (Maddux & Wingfield, 2003, 11). Cooperation among the group members also promoted colleague relations thus, leading to high quality work. My punctuality and social skills also increased and I learnt how to present ideas to a multitude of people. I also learnt on how to handle disagreements among a large group of people. There was also effective problem solving in the groups. Team work also made the performance feedback more meaningful because. everyone understood what was expected and could monitor the performance against the expectations. In addition, group discussions encouraged members to test their abilities and try out new ideas. This stimulated individuals to become stronger performers. In the future, one thing that I would change is the way of handling conflicts in the groups. I would ensure that conflict resolution is done by the members themselves and not by the leaders or some of the members (Cohen & Bailey, 1997, 249).


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