I need some assistance with these assignment. person focused versus cbt psychotherapy Thank you in advance for the help! This paper gives a critical analysis of the two approaches in psychotherapy with illustrative discussion of their differences and similarities. The approaches used aims and the roles of the patient and the therapist in both methods of psychotherapy have also been described in this paper. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a goal oriented approach to psychotherapy which aims at treating dysfunctional behaviors, cognitions and emotions. CBT is sometimes referred to as a talking therapy which follows systematic procedures in psychotherapy. CBT represents psychological treatment which is based on both cognitive and behavioral research. According to Tursi & Cochran, (2006, p. 391) empirical proof demonstrates that CBT is very effective in the treatment of anxiety, mood, personality, psychotic, substance abuse and eating disorders. This approach of therapy applies direct, technique driven and time limited therapy for disorders of the mind. The approach is applicable for both group and individual therapies. Moreover, the techniques used in the CBT therapy are usually applications which are adapted for self help. According to Dryden (2007) the cognitive and behavioral approaches have different origins and thus some researchers and clinicians are either behaviorally oriented or cognitive oriented. Cognitive restructuring is an example of cognitive specific psychotherapy while in vivo exposure treatment is an application of the behaviorally oriented treatment. However it is important to note that some therapists and researchers combine both the cognitive and behavioral therapy applications such as the imaginal exposure treatment. McLeod (2009) illustrates that the development of CBT was a result of the integration of the cognitive and behavioral approaches even though they are rooted in divergent theories. Hart (2010) asserts that the common ground which led to the combination of the cognitive and behavioral approaches is the need to focus on ‘here’ and ‘now’ as a way of alleviating the symptoms related to the disorders of the mind. CBT has been evaluated for efficacy in the treatment of various mental disorders. As a result, the CBT programs for psychotherapy have been recommended for treatment of mental disorders because they are considered to be symptom and evidence based treatments. Cooper, (2007, p. 35) illustrates that in the UK, CBT is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence for treatment of disorders such as bulimia nervosa, clinical depression and Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Psychodynamic therapy is an approach to the treatment of mental conditions which uses deep psychology with an aim of disclosing the unconscious thoughts within the psyche of the patient. The treatment approach uses the deep thoughts of the patient to ease the psychic tension which is experience by the patient as explained by Mountford, (2011, p. 18). The psychodynamic psychotherapy is similar to psychoanalysis in many ways. Moreover, this approach of psychotherapy is based on interpersonal interaction or relationship between the patient and the therapist. Furthermore, psychodynamic therapy is more free or eclectic as compared to other forms of psychotherapy.


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