I need some assistance with these assignment. obesity in children Thank you in advance for the help! Client’s 30 April Junk food outlets are found in almost every nook and corner, myriad people eat on a regular basis fromsuch junk outlets, Dominos, Pizza hut, KFC are the market leaders. The food sold by these popular outlets contains a lot of fat and other undesirable contents. People refrain from working out, and after eating on a regular basis from such outlets their weight becomes uncontrollable and they start turning obese. Obesity in America and in the UK is spreading like wild fire in a forest, it needs to be controlled and completely stopped before it takes away more lives. Affect on Children More and more children in the UK are becoming obese and this is certainly bad news, the main problem is that they can’t go out and play with their peers. There are children who prefer to sit on the couch and play on their consoles rather than stepping out and doing some much needed physical workout. The role of parents’ is crucial here, parents must not encourage children to sit and play on their consoles. They should be encouraged to go out and engage in some physical activity so as to burn calories and to stay in shape. Obese children experience many difficulties, their peers take potshots at them and they are bullied consistently and no one likes to be bullied but their physical appearance makes them stand out and this is why they suffer. What is Obesity? Obesity is an epidemic. it is a very big problem with which come several other life-threatening diseases. “Two out of every three adults are either overweight or obese.” (Obesity in America) Two out of three adults, this is spreading at a very alarming pace and something concrete should be done about this. We put on weight when we consume more calories than we burn, eating anything and everything is fine as long as we are able to burn it but the problem starts when one begins to put on weight, the desire to flex muscles drastically reduce when one starts putting on weight, the person’s stamina takes a toll and he starts feeling lazy, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a plethora of problems which come with obesity. the biggest of them all is overspending. Obese people are prone to spending. they indulge in unwanted fantasies which are both expensive and unhealthy. For instance, a person who loves eating chocolate cakes would never get enough of it and would definitely eat as many as plausible even after knowing the fact that he is obese, this is where self-control comes into play but obese people have no self control which is why they turn obese. Some people may have genetic problem and may be excluded but most others have very little or no self control overall. “If Americans have such a large problem with their weight, why don’t they do something about it? They are trying. There is much money being spent on obesity in America. Market research firm, Market data, found that Americans spent 59 billion dollars on weight loss in 2008. All of that money spent and only 2 percent of the people who actually lose weight will be able to keep the weight off longer than 5 years.” (Weight Loss Attempts) Weight loss pills are nothing but eyewash, the biggest problem is not being able to stay fit, running thirty minutes a day is more than good enough to be fit. There is another problem, some obese people do get lucky, they shed a little bit of weight by working out in the gym or by other ways but they put on weight again, they try different pills, other solutions but they get nothing but disappointing results. Putting on weight is arguably the easiest job but losing it requires a lot of diligence and perseverance. An obese person will have to push himself hard to exercise, it is all about controlling your brain effectively, a determined person can lose weight without much difficulty. Developing a fitness routine is extremely important, it may include hiking once a week, it may include running in marathons, it may include cycling, it can include anything which burns calories and is an enjoyable experience. “America is one of the richest, most progressive countries in the world. Shouldn’t it be one of the healthiest too? Maybe it should, but the sad truth is that Americans are some of the unhealthiest people in the world. Even though we are living in a country with great economic power and technological advancement, we are also living in a country with the smallest fund of practical nutritional knowledge. We are living in a land plagued with obesity.” (Obesity in America) It is very important to take immediate measures to prevent this epidemic from spreading. Obesity is taking a toll on children, obese children are completely unable to play and this affects their health. Parents must encourage children to play outside rather than playing on their gaming consoles, this is a good way of shedding weight and playing is also a very good workout for the children. References Obesity in America (2012). A Growing Epidemic. Retrieved from: Obesity in America (2012). Down to Earth. Retrieved from: Weight Loss Attempts (2012). A Growing Epidemic.


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