I need some assistance with these assignment. nestle Thank you in advance for the help! UAE is one of the most prospective countries for potential investors. The study will also focus on the key investment opportunities in UAE and the significance of the location chosen. The study will also suggest Nestle the appropriate mode of entering a particular country. The study will conclude with an overview of the study. 2.0 Introduction Nestle is one of the world’s leading nutrition, wellness and health company. It is a multinational company which is headquartered in Vevley, Switzerland. The company was formed in the year 1905 by the merger between two companies Anglo Swiss Milk company which was founded by Charles and George Page and Farine Lactee Henri Nestle which was founded by Henri Nestle in the year 1866 (Nestle, 2013b). Nestle has a strong presence in 83 countries (Nestle, 2013d) and has a brand portfolio that covers almost all food and beverage categories. baby food, bottled water, cereal, chocolate and confectionery, coffee, dairy, drinks, health care nutrition, ice cream, pet care and weight management. The company is a market leader in various categories like coffee, baby food cereal etc. (Nestle, 2013c). The company founder Henri Nestle was the first individual to manufacture the milk food products for the newly born babies and till now the company is the market leader in baby milk cereal. The corporate goal of the company is based on the innovation and knowledge management which involves collection, utilizing the collected information, innovation and knowledge resources for attaining the corporate goals and objectives of the company. Nestle aims at enhancing the lives of the consumers by providing good quality food and beverages that are tasty and also nutritious. Nestle Nutrition is a global organization developed by Nestle to strengthen their core nutrition business. This organization was developed by Nestle to deliver superior performance by offering nutritious products and services based on scientific research and development (Snipppapers, 2009). Nestle had also created the Corporate Wellness unit to integrate nutritional value added in their food and beverage category (Snipppapers, 2009). Nestle is one of the fewest companies to offer a digitalized virtual tour in their shopping centers in United Kingdom and USA (Nestle, 2013a). The shopping center was established to demonstrate how consumers behave while shopping their products. 2.1 International Expansion Globalization has become an integral and prominent part of the economic life and provides companies with huge opportunities and challenges. International expansion has become a strategic response to the global economic dynamics for a large number of companies. International expansion will provide opportunities to the companies to expand on a global scale and exploit the benefits of internalization like scope, learning, economies of scale etc. Nestle offers a varied range of edible products and targets consumers of all ages. The company has gradually established its presence worldwide and has successfully acquired various other companies in different countries to develop a strong footing in those countries.


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