I need some assistance with these assignment. journal critique of a psychological article Thank you in advance for the help! Although the article presents a number of factors to support the main ideas, it is important to note that there are certain weaknesses in the journal that may need further analysis. This paper analyzes the journal by giving acknowledging both strengths while at the same time discussing the weaknesses in the journal. While a few weaknesses may surface at some instances within the paper, it is important to note that the paper gives a thorough research on the topic of Neuroticism particularly in relation to adult sleep quality. Normally, children are brought up under various environmental and sociological circumstances, a factor that leads to their emotional and psychological development. The journal explicitly explores the whole context of lack of sleep in adults, as it tries to link it with the experiences of children that were likely to be adverse to their psychological development. This is especially so when it comes to the introductory part where the article mentions adverse childhood experiences (ACE) as being responsible for the rampant psychiatric disorders, depression, and other behavioral problems. This research is especially insightful due to the intelligent comparison that the authors engage in during their study. By recognizing the fact that the actions children undertake and the experiences they go through come to haunt them in their older years, the authors of the article have demonstrated a wide and lengthy scope of research. When one wants to link the activities of a child to their behavior when they are mature elders, a lot of work in terms of research has to go into the project, and this is exactly what the journal entails. Perhaps another strength that the journal has is the comparison part of the study was the methodology did not have gender bias, as both the male and the female gender were represented. By taking a representative sample of 327, the researchers had a better chance to determine the standard deviation in order to come up with accurate results. Additionally, the gender factor was incorporated in the sense that 91 males and 236 females, thus dispelling any claims of bias. Generally, the methodology of surveying those who had sleep disorders was quite accurate since the results that came out of the regression analysis. As the results indicated, there was a significant relationship between sleep disorder in adults and their adverse childhood experiences (ACE). Usually, a research is supposed to demonstrate a strong point or a strong conviction that actually, a particular hypothesis is true to the best accuracy of the research. One finds the journal explicit in terms of content and scope because it has given a thorough approach to almost all the aspects of the research study. Although the journal has exhibited numerous strengths in the presentation of the various topics, it is important to note than there are certain weaknesses in the journal. Essentially, the journal does not indicate the ages of the participants at the time of adverse experiences and therefore it would impossible to realize their accurate course of challenges.


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