I need some assistance with these assignment. exploring traditional thai shapes, lines and curves, and forms within the context of buddhist art and sculpture Thank you in advance for the help! Although the study will primarily focus on the Thai frame of mind and its connection to jewelry, the findings will be reflected in diverse social and scientific fields relating to tactility and emotional responses. Main research questions for my project: a) How can different materials, techniques, and designs in jewelry making enhance positive emotional responses? Testing with images of the Thai Sukhothai Buddha statue. Testing with shapes/forms, sizes, finished surfaces, in 2 & 3 dimensions and different colors. Testing with the design of finished pieces, together with and without its functional use within the piece itself. Figure 1 Practical-based research: table shows samples, which will be investigated through these testing b) How can Thai forms in the context of jewelry positively affect the emotions of the user (positive emotion)? “Positive emotions” are ways that broaden habitual modes of thinking or acting which are represented by various thought-action tendencies from their own well being i.e. to optimize, to play, or to explore and to appreciate. c) To define the relevant terms of understanding the linkages and relationships between Thai artistic experience and jewelry design in a contemporary world. “Thai artistic experience”: knowledge within the Culture of Thailand in terms of culture and art. ‘Linkage’ in this context implies a situation where one thing affects the other in human interaction platforms such as profession, religion, or social intercourse. 3. Relationship of your proposed research to previous research Please explain how your research will build on or add to previous research and how it will make an original contribution to knowledge. (approx. 500 words) Whereas this research work seeks to establish the relationship between Thai forms/jewelry and positive human emotional response, most of the previous research work has been done on cultural meaning of Thai forms. However, some researchers such as Donald Norman and Professor Semir Zeki have done profound research within the context of my study. Zeki has primarily focused on establishing the neurasthenic effect of forms. Other researchers such as Patry Leidy, Betty Gosling, Promsak Jermsawatd, among others have tried to explore the subject within the historic, contemporary, and cultural context (Gosling, 2004, P.38-44). According to the above stated researchers, among others, Buddhism lays the basis for Thai cultures. Arts of different types act as tools to guide and persuade people to think and take action in a ‘righteous’ way. Therefore, art forms are an obvious tool to teach and direct the way people think. This research involved an experiment on the effect of various forms upon myself and found that indeed, there exist neuro-aesthetic feelings when I engage the meaning of the forms deeply (Jermsawatdi, 1979, P. 59-60). Originality of this work stems from the fact that it portrays combinations of concepts and related traditional Thai art components shown through the interplay of shapes that interact with my emotion to being still and at peace. As a jewelry wearer and designer, I am mostly interested in traditional Thai culture and the search for forms, shapes and lines, which will bring positive and better emotions to wearers (Stratton, 2004, P. 38).


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