I need some assistance with these assignment. a very old man with enormous wings Thank you in advance for the help! What is even scarier is that people’s greediness prevents them from close relations and good-natured emotions shown towards the Angel. They are so much focused on their own troubles and even their profits do not make them happier. Pelayo and Elisenda do not care much about the Angel, they just clean his from time to time, but they do not want to think deeply and obtain those magical lessons from the Angel. Basically, people learn a cruel lesson from the Angel: they do not learn from their mistakes and they do not appreciate a precious moment they have. They are very much worried about the opportunity of Angel’s death. Fortunately, he recovers and flies away from them. They feel great relief. Their actions are so superficial that they cannot even understand the deepest sense and experience provided by the angel. In other words, he tried to teach them to live in peace and respect others. People were ignorant and selfish and thought about themselves only. Angel was perceived by them as a miraculous object, which owes them something. It is a wrong attitude, actually. It would be better if they learn a lesson of patience and appropriate behavior from the Angel. Human greediness is positioned as the most destructive factor in the lives of human beings. Moreover, money and miracles are two things, which are expected from the Angel. It is a pity that people are unable to establish trustful and unselfish relations among them because they cannot even treat the angel in such a way. Was the real intention of the Angel to change all those degrading features of human beings for positive ones? To my mind, the main intention of the Angel was to show people that he was as tolerant as a dog and he wanted to exist on his own and not to be involved in ugly relations with people. The Angel tries to implement a philosophical attitude to the lives of people. In other words, he tries to show them that it is appropriate to perceive the life “as is” and not to rely completely on others. He does not want to belong to someone, he wants to exist on his own, but people are cruelly determining their potential ownership of the Angel. For example, the Angel is owned by Pelayo and Elisenda and he creates their fortune. In the end, they exploit him and neglect him at all. That is why he tried to make a good deed for them, but he obtained misunderstanding and human greediness destroyed his life. His lesson of goodness is relevant to a child of these greedy people.


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