I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Socialnetworkingsecurity. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Instead, many organizations either prohibit social media use altogether, or have no policy at all regarding social media use. These two approaches are unsatisfactory. According to the global socioeconomic trend, people and organizations that do not adopt social media are left behind and fail to reap the significant benefits. Therefore, social media could be branded a necessary evil. We allow social media use without any policies or guidelines, therefore exposing ourselves to security threats. This paper basically explores the security risks associated with social networking to individuals and organizations, and the possible technical and administrative safety measures. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION, STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM, SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS, PREMISE, DEFINITIONS, LIMITATIONS AND DELIMITATIONS Introduction Social networking sites popularity has greatly increased. No one can argue the usefulness of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They are used for professional networking and job searches, as a means of increasing sales revenue, as an information tool regarding safety and other issues or as a way to reconnect with friends. Evidently, emails have lost their position as the main internet-based communication tools due to the explosion of other social networking options, interaction and collaboration (Freeman, 2004). According to a report by The Wall Street Journal in 2009, there are more social networking accounts than Webmail account. Nowadays, users rely more on blogs, tweets and social networking posts to supplement their exchange of personal and professional information. We live in a period where our identity online seem to overshadow our actual identity, as well as key personal and financial systems, thus posing major security risks that are associated with them. Over the years, security risks on process, people and application have been identified by researchers and hackers (Abraham, 2012). This study’s main purpose is to provide an overview of the main security issues or risks pertaining to social networking. Statement of the Problem Why should access to personal data be limited, and what are the security risks arising from social networking? Situational Analysis In an effort to employ a more strict process for carrying out a situational analysis on social media, the study will employ SWOT model. To commence, we begin by listening, which serves as the market research, content, location and tone of the discussions found in social media. From the listening activities, one will gain insight as follows: Talent: On the basis of listening activities, what skills are necessary in order to take part in social media? Technological talent is required thus as a result of luck of this, participation is highly restricted in the realm of social media (Abraham, 2012). Time: Knowledge regarding the time required will be necessary to dedicate to our social media endeavors is critical. The main aim being the influence to other aspects of the business as time shifts to activities in social media. Through listening, one is able to acquire some degree for the timeframe faced in terms of being involved (Abraham, 2012). Capital: Through listening, one is able to determine the span covered by online discussion, thus giving a suggestion to what is necessary to become engaged.


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