I need help creating a thesis and an outline on In Land Barge Transportation in Europe and China. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Europe on the other hand lies thousands of miles away from china and is an entire continent with tens of developed countries. This is arguably the only continent in the world consisting of only developed country. The region uses a single currency a factor that allows free movement of goods and labor across the countries in the continent. The region too has an effective transportation infrastructure, which includes state of the arts roads and efficient rail network coverage of the entire region. Apart from these, the region enjoys a wide access to major water world water bodies and a number of inland lakes all of which further necessitate the use of the inland barge as a means of transportation. With such backgrounds, the regions undeniably use inland barge as a means of transporting both goods and labor in and out of the regions. The history if the means of transport dates back to the seventeenth century when the regions used mundane technologies to power the machines. The efficiency the regions enjoyed from the use of the transportation system led to the development of the regions and the modern technology continues to perfect the machines to increase their reliability making them of utmost relevant to the modern society and the modern day development process. The topic is therefore researchable since it is evident that the mode of transport contributed to the development of the region and it is speculated that the two regions use different technologies to power the machines and employ the machines in different uses. The claim that inland barge is a more efficient means of transporting goods than rail and roads is also worth investigating since despite the claims, the two regions still have extensive road and rail coverage and use these to transport goods across the regions. Despite these, the geographical context of the two regions and the distance separating the two regions pose a great challenge in conducting the research (Kuada, 2012). The scope of the research is too wide to collect the data within the set period of two months. The research therefore requires a large budget if the researcher is to employ some of the involving means of data collection. However, to remedy the challenges posed by these, the research assumes both a qualitative and quantitative research structure. Fusing the two in most researches normally widens the scope of the research but the reach in this context is wide already and therefore complex. The qualitative aspect of the research vies the features of the means of transportation and the uniqueness of its employment in the different regions. Finding data for this type of research is not difficult since it all relies on the previous works done by other scholars and researchers (Rajendra, 2011). This therefore makes this aspect of the research a content analysis of the structures of the mode of transportation and the different features it possesses. The quantitative aspect of the research relies on the measurable components of the transportation system in the two regions.


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