I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Identify Different Browsers. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Identify Different Browsers Identify Different Browsers A web browser can be defined as a program which requests, de s and displays various files, which make up Internet pages (Bridges, 2012). There are several browsers that are used all over the world: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Sputnik, Netscape, Phoenix, Safari and Opera among others. These browsers have diverse degrees of efficacy, depending on the resources which the user wants to access. This paper will discuss different browsers which are used to access web pages on the Internet. As stated above, a web browser is a software application which has the ability to retrieve, present and traverse Internet resources. In most cases, the information resource is usually known by a Uniform Resource Locator. The main use of web browsers is to retrieve information resources and display them for the user. Research asserts that the first web browser was developed in 1990. The web browsers range in terms of features and utilities. These usually range from minimal user interfaces to rich user interfaces, which support numerous protocols and file formats (Cohn & Russell, 2012). Furthermore, there are other components which can be downloaded and accessed. I use the Mozilla Firefox web browser which is considered the world’s third best browser. According to recent research, it has been proven that Mozilla Firefox is the best browser in terms of performance. Firefox uses lesser memory as compared to Google Chrome and Netscape web browsers. This software also performs accurate page loads as compared to the other web browsers. On the other hand, Google Chrome has a slightly faster processing speed than the Firefox and Netscape (Miller, 2011). Netscape has the poorest performance which is brought about by the user interface issues, password issues among other predicaments. Google Chrome is considered the best web browser globally. This freeware was developed by Google, and it uses the WebKit layout engine. According to the developers of the software, Google Chrome is secure, simple, fast and stable. However, Google Chrome has a minimalistic user interface which does not support certain file formats and protocols. For example, the browser does not have the ability to render RSS feeds like some of the other web browsers. On the other hand, this software is considered as one of the swiftest browsers. According to various sources, this software performs better than other web browsers. This is because Chrome uses the SPDY protocol, which is faster as compared to the HTTP (Miller, 2011). Mozilla Firefox is also a free web browser which was developed for various operating systems. This web browser is compatible with Mac OS X, Linux, Android and Microsoft Windows among other operating systems. This software is ranked the third most widespread web browser in the world. Mozilla Firefox uses the Gecko engine in order to render web pages (Shelly, Cashman, Forsythe, & Freund, 2005). In this case, Mozilla Firefox is the best web browser in terms of performance since the software is strong when dealing with heavy memory usage. This software also performs a large number of accurate page loads. Lastly, there is Netscape web browser which is not quite common in the market. This software was fabricated by Mercurial Communications and published by AOL. This browser is usually produced by Netscape Communications Corporation. This browser uses two different layout engines in order to render a variety of websites. It also has a toolbar system which comprises 10 toolbars which support extra features such as RSS feeds and Live Content (Clark & Edwards, 2000). The browser also consists of a variety of widgets and a security center feature with supplementary features. Apart from these features, this web browser is mainly criticized due to the rendering engines and various security emphases. From the comparisons made, it is prevalent that Google Chrome is the best web browser worldwide. There are differences that can be established after using these three web browsers. For example, Google Chrome allows the user to create shortcuts on the desktop which can open applications in the web browser. The users also have the opportunity of installing themes in case they want to modify the browser appearance. On the other hand, Firefox mainly uses Google as an integrated search system. Most of the functions in Firefox can be supplemented through extensions which are mostly created by other developers (Duckett, 2011). Lastly, the Netscape browser has multiple features including widgets, a webmail button and the multi-bar which are explained above. This proves that the three web browsers being compared are different in terms of their features and utilities. As I was comparing the three web browsers when accessing different web pages, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox were extremely advantageous as opposed to Netscape. In conclusion, it is evident that the web browsers entirely differ in terms of utilities. According to the research, I can point out that Google Chrome is the best web browser among the three while Netscape is the poorest web browser among the mentioned web software. In addition, I have also learnt that analyzing software is not an easy task, since it is time-consuming and requires substantial knowledge in the field of technology. In this case, I can apply my learning in the actual use of the software. The information contained in the paper is educative and can also motivate an individual to develop a webpage or even a computer program (Bridges, 2012). References Bridges, K. (2012). Beyond the browser: Web 2.0 and librarianship. Miami: Libraries Unlimited Press. Clark, J., & Edwards, O. (2000). Netscape time: The making of the billion-dollar start-up that took on Microsoft. New York: HarperCollins Publishers. Cohn, R., & Russell, J. (2012). Web browser. United States: VSD Press. Duckett, J. (2011). HTML and CSS: Design and build websites. New York: Wiley Press. Miller, M. (2011). My Google Chrome book. New York: Que Publishers. Shelly, G., Cashman, T., Forsythe, S., & Freund, S. (2005). Mozilla Firefox: Introductory concepts and techniques. United States: Course Technology Press.


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