I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Crime As A Social Rather Than Individual Phenomenon. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This paper illustrates that Durkheim criticised the theory of natural crime that was proffered by Garafalo during his investigation into the causes of crime. Matza argued that when social control is weakened adolescents drift towards delinquent subcultures that lie between convention and crime. Throughout his studies on crime Durkheim refers to social integration, anomie, and imitation as a way of defining deviance and order. The theory of sociological positivism puts forward the notion that people can be predisposed to crime as a result of societal factors such as poverty, poor education, or belonging to certain subcultures. Many criminologists have analyzed the effect of society on crime. Adolphe Quetelet examined statistical analysis and data on crime to try to gain an insight into the relationship between society and crime. His research highlighted that factors such as poverty, education, and gender and alcohol consumption could all be linked to the crime. Crowded cities have also been blamed for an increase in crime. Rawson W Rawson attempted to link population density with crime through the analysis of crime statistics. In a series of volumes written by Henry Mayhew entitled London Labour and the London Poor, an ethnographic approach was used to study the link between poverty and crime. In order to compile his studies, Mayhew went into the poorest parts of London and spoke directly to his subjects. In his publications, he wrote about the conditions of their daily life and transcribed many of their utterances into his work. In the 4th volume of his work, he analyzed the activities of criminals and their characteristics. To demonstrate the societal effect on criminal behavior he concentrated on the illiteracy of his subjects, the numbers of illegitimate children in the locality, teenage marriage and the volume of crime committed by women. When conducting this particular survey Mayhew traveled around Britain visiting the poorest areas of each of the counties he traveled to.


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