I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Acitivating creativity. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Sadly though, not all people will go about this process in the same manner and with the same level of success and experience. In Rossman’s creativity model (1931), evidence of the different levels of activities and tasks involved in the activation of creativity is showed in a manner that depicts that there are as many as seven different processes that needs to be considered in a typical creative thinking process. The rate of success associated with each process determines that overall success with the activation of creativity. From his model, the processes are given as observation of a need or difficulty, analysis of the need, a survey of all available information, a formulation of all objective solutions, a critical analysis of solutions, the birth of the new idea (invention), and experimentation to test out the most promising solution (Rossman, 1931). Similarly, Wallas (1926) touches on a creativity process in a manner that gives an indication that creativity is not an event that takes place in a one off moment but undergoes the achievement of a series of tasks, which comes together to be collectively known as the creativity process. He though gives the process as indicated below. Through the outline above, seven major tasks will have to be completed including orientation, preparation, analysis, ideation, incubation, synthesis and evaluation. It is based on the foundations of these two major models that four series of assessments were carried out and presented in the following journal. With a different task to fulfil in each of the assessments, the various creativity processes that went into the fulfilment of each of the tasks have been completed below. Assessment 1 Assignment 1 was on conceptual photography and involved the taking of a photograph that was used in depicting more than what was seen in the image of the picture. That is to say that, conceptual photographs are used to express generalised concepts of events and process that take place and happen all around us (Keller-Mathers, 2004). To accomplish this task, a picture of two people running a change of baton race was taken. The concept that was being examined in the photograph was the symbolism of the power of two. It is said in a Chinese proverb that if two people carry a single load, it does not hurt. What this means is that it always pays off to have a helping hand in any project or activity that a person is undertaking. It is not surprising that it is said in an England parable that two heads are better than one. When two people team up to accomplish a common task, there is much effectiveness and efficiency (Grivas, 1996). This is because there is the sharing of ideas and thoughts in a manner that makes exchanges of knowledge rapid and forthcoming. Studying the picture critically, it would be noted that a total of 400 meters was supposed to be completed in the race. Meanwhile, due to the limitation of the human ability in running such a distance, it would be difficult for any person to end the 400 meter race with the same level of speed that was started. But in completing a 100 meter race by the same person, the tendency to maintain the start up speed or even improve on it is higher. To this end, instead of allowing one person to do the entire 400 meters, four people team up to run 100 meters each. As a proof of the fact that team spirit brings results, the finishing time in the change of baton is better than when one person alone run the entire 400 meters. Assessment 2 Assignment 2 was carried out by the use of divergent thinking. That is, there was the use of exploration of many different possible solutions (Gonzalez, 2003).


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