I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Achievement Gap. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Noteworthy is the fact that the disparity continues to widen, despite a number of measures geared at narrowing the phenomenon. In addition, the difference, which creates the varying educational performance, has related effects on other life sectors including social interactions. The observable increase in the achievement gap that comes because of difference in status (socioeconomic) emanates from a number of factors.The educational attainment of parents of children from high socioeconomic status is high compared to that of parents from low socioeconomic status. With high educational attainment, parents from high socioeconomic status tend to offer proper educational opportunities to their students. Such parents have a high level of enlightenment and appreciation of educational opportunities. Despite the various efforts geared at reducing the achievement gap, the low level of appreciation of the role of education, by parents from low socioeconomic status families, remains a challenge. Parents from low socioeconomic status provide little support to their children that are vital in lowering the achievement gap. Parental preference varies between the low and high socioeconomic status. Parents from high socioeconomic status tend to give preference to education, contrary to their counterparts. In addition, parents from high socioeconomic status chose to take their children to schools that provide high quality education. Apart from their ability to afford such education, parents’ preference plays a vital role, as well. Given the differences in preferences, measures aimed at reducing the achievement gap may fail to attain the desired objectives. This poses a considerable challenge to the various strategies aimed at reducing the achievement gap. There is a high possibility that transitions in the relationship between the level of income that a family gets, and children’s performance in education is a key contributing factor. This renders children from high socioeconomic status families an advantage over their counterparts from low socioeconomic status families. The former have access to a number of social resources, which contribute to desired academic performance. Children from high socioeconomic status families, therefore, display desirable performance because of the various factors discussed. Those from low socioeconomic status families tend to have performance in education. With the varying income from families in low and high socioeconomic status, the achievement gap is most likely to increase, despite the efforts aimed at its reduction. The achievement gap, brought by difference in social status, tends to increase with the ever widening gap in income level of parents. There is a notable variation in investment in the cognitive progress of children by parents from low and high socioeconomic status. High socioeconomic status parents invest highly in the cognitive development of their children compared to their counterparts. The challenge of performance between children from low and high socioeconomic status families can be resolved by a number of strategies. Noteworthy is the dedication by different government institutions and agencies in ensuring a narrow achievement gap. The U.S, for instance, passed, in 2002, the legislation mandated to ensure equality among school going children.


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