How are these three things connected to one another either by cause

Earth’s Greatest Enemies?Climatologist James Lovelock ( (originator of theGaia_hypothesis ) once said that Earth’s greatest enemies were cars, cows and chainsaws because of their contributions to destabilizing planetary climate.In this final Discussion Forum, you will answer the following two (2) questions that show your ability to find connections between the environmental issues that you have learned about in this course.1. How do each of these things (cars, cows, andchainsaws) contribute to the destabilizing of Earth’s atmosphere and climate? You must cite specific evidence from any Unit of the course to support your response.2. How are these three things connected to one another either by cause, effect or by solution. Consider all of the environmental concerns you have been learning about during the entire course and describe how these 3Cs as a group relate to one specific environmental issue (other than atmospheric destabilization).Reminder: Loss of land plants will not result in a reduction of atmospheric oxygen (because most of planetary photosynthesis and its resulting oxygen production is in the oceans).Be sure to back up your explanations with some research before discussing this topic online with your classmates. Be sure to read relevant sections of your text (and supplementary readings from this Module) and look online. Start with the links in this question and the Resources listed for this Module.Discussion grade: Module Discussion Forums will all be graded as follows.Original postings’ content (5 points maximum):5 points – grammatically / mechanically correct; factually accurate; ideas clear and well-organized; answers the question thoroughly with appropriate examples and /or connections to related topics.4 points – few grammatical / mechanical errors; factually accurate; answers the question with good clarity and connection to topic.3 points – some grammatical / mechanical errors; factually mostly accurate; answers the question but posting is either vague or only partially related to the question.2 points – numerous grammatical / mechanical errors; factually inaccurate and/or incomplete; answers the question vaguely or with minimal details.1 point – difficult to understand because of grammar / mechanics; factually inaccurate and/or incomplete; answers the question with minimal response or does not answer the question.0 points – no original postingResponse posting (3 points maximum):3 points – detailed response with example and / or question for followup by classmate.2 points – some discussion of agreement / disagreement with classmate; some explanation.1 point – simple agree / disagree posting without explanation.0 points – no response or response unrelated to topic or student posting.



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