How are these positions present in the language of politicians, commentators

Please make sure to know how to do it before taking it, and follow the instructions of the assignment: Which Story Do You Want to Tell?To make sense of ourselves and of society, we story our pasts, our presents, and ourfutures; out of these emerge dominant stories that have power in shaping our collective lives.Moreover, our participating in these stories empowers the storytellers be they politicians,commentators, or regular folk. Additionally, subjugated knowledge may also exist, which isespecially true with past events. However, with present events, cultural stories are still in themaking, thus making unsure what will become dominant and subjugated knowledge.If you have doubts about your topic choice, you may brainstorm with me before class, afterclass, or during office hours.Investigate the event to suggest the story that you now believe should be the story wetell.Consider outlining two possible stories or substories that are now being circulated.How are these positions present in the language of politicians, commentators, andregular folk? What are people debating about? Of course, it will be easier if youidentify one angle or substory about the event you investigate.Then research to determine which version is, in your opinion, the better, fairer story.To help make your case, you can critique the representations of the event that you findless worthy, as well as find evidence in support of the story you prefer. Make sure toprovide your reasons for choosing and writing the story you would promote.So that you get a broad picture of the evolving scene, you should consult journalisticresources from the left, the right, and the center. If you narrow your substory well, it may bepossible to use three good resources: each one from the left, right, and center, from whichyou can show the different evolving stories and either to suggest which is preferable or tocreate a possible fourth version.You should use MLA documentation, including in-text citations and a works cited section.Shoot for 6-7 pages.Here are some links would help you to understand more how to do the assignment:Ideas for Research Paper Topics: a Research Topic: your Thesis Statement: have attached a good example in the attached file please look at it.Thank you,



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