Hi, need to submit a 3750 words paper on the topic The Jungle by Sinclair. Though being classified as a naturalistic novel, it has been argued by many that the tone is one of interpretation and not of description (Taylor, 171- 172). In this paper, a great deal has been focused on physiological aspects. Sinclair’s perspectives, observation, outlook, presentation, etc are dealt with. Also, adequate amount of emphasis is given upon characterization in The Jungle. My psychological traits are described and compared with that of another major character of the story, the protagonist himself. Besides analyzing the similarities in character sketch of the protagonist, limitations of his character are also dealt upon. Jurgis, as a character is not almost perfect, but flawed in some aspects according to my point of view. At the same time, drawbacks of other characters are also sorted out. While doing so, we come to know about his inspirations, real facts about Lithuania, metaphors used, cultures and lifestyles of the inhabitants associated with meatpacking industry in Chicago, etc. the final impression is one of awe and pity towards the suffering characters in The Jungle. 1) PSYCHOLOGY OF SINCLAIR: creation of authors mind It is not easy to trace the psychological flow of thoughts Sinclair had while composing this story. The plot of the story is a mixture of various elements and gives an aura of realist- utopian narrative. Like the ‘Souls of Black Folk’, Do Bois Sinclair’s motive can be divided as Preaching, the Picture and the Frenzy (Wienen, 166) The central figure, the protagonist was highlighted in the first theme because Sinclair wanted to highlight the voice of rebel within the Lithuanian community. That is what Jurgis becomes towards the end of the narrative. He wanted his character to take his steps slowly towards supremacy and power. In the music theme, Sinclair explored the true spirit of Lithuanian culture and society. In the last theme, the negative passion and its appeal was spread among various social classes (Bloom, 77) Sinclair had three chief objectives in his mind. Firstly, he wanted to bring out the pathetic conditions of the Lithuanians immigrants in US. Secondly, he wanted to hold the capitalist system responsible. Thirdly, Sinclair was an ardent follower of socialism. It was his belief that only socialism could bring the required change. The “body and soul” of the protagonist is saved when he has completely surrendered himself amidst a Socialist rally. Despair, anguish, exploitation and disillusionment of the contemporary world have been projected through the unfortunate life led by Jurgis. He loses his wife, his son, his father remains an invalid, and Ona’s cousin becomes a drug addict and prostitute, and finally seeks peace in a socialist meeting. What Sinclair emphasizes is the capability of the “egalitarian and democratic spirit” to end chaos and bring about reformation (Wienen, 165- 166). Approach towards ethnicity: Sinclair was aware of the cultural distinctiveness of the Lithuanians, as he was aware of the “intrinsic value” of one’s self. On several occasions he had merged this with the cultural identity by equaling the self with others who share a common heritage and identity. More so, ethnicity is projected as collective cultural identity. What Sinclair endeavors is to put the roots of identity into firm grounds. This is the reason why Sinclair fabricated several ethnic bonds within the story.


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