Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic The Impact of Seminars/Classes The Effects/Consequences of Alcohol on Freshman Students Attitude toward the Use of Alcohol. Pretest and posttest scores will be measured by modified version of AOD instrument. T-test will be used to identify whether the classes/seminars on alcohol consequences are significantly effective in changing the student’s attitudes towards alcohol use. Introduction Alcohol and drug use frequently have problematic consequences for an aspiring individual such as a college student (Fromme & Orrick, 2004). Prevention programs have been attempted for decades focusing on the negative aspects of alcohol and drug misuse on the college campus. Nonetheless, substance misuse continues to impact the quality of life and education of large numbers of students (Freeman, 2001). Research projects in this area have been more successful in documenting the incidence and prevalence of alcohol and drug related problems than in furthering the cause of prevention. One of the major challenges in the field is to create awareness of the relationship between substance use and the possibility of developing serious problems as a result. This study focuses on the effectiveness of a secondary prevention program for freshman students. The effectiveness or impact of an educational program focusing on addiction can be evaluated by examining the outcomes of the learning experiences. According to Swisher (1974), uniform objectives can be expected to be addressed in nearly all addiction education programs, and include 1) increasing knowledge about addictive substances, 2) maintaining conservative attitudes toward personal use of such substances, and 3) altering levels of substance use in the future. In addition., Swisher lists several unique objectives described by particular types of educational programs, including “increased participation in alternatives, reduced alienation, clarified values, enhanced mental health, improved decision-making, and improved interpersonal relationships” (p. 149). An effective addiction education program would be one which has met its specified objectives, and has influenced students to demonstrate responsible attitudes and behavior related to addictive substances. Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of seminars ‘the effects/consequences of Alcohol’ on freshman students attitude toward the personal use of Alcohol. Research Question Will seminars on ‘the effects of Alcohol’ change the attitudes of freshman students towards alcohol? Hypothesis: Participation in the seminars will significantly change the attitudes of freshman students towards alcohol. Literature Review Addiction Education as Primary Prevention Educational programs are one part of intervention in the problem of addiction. Such programs are often termed primary prevention, since they seek to equip young people with knowledge, attitudes, and decision­ making skills which help to avoid problems with addiction before they occur (Fromme & Orrick, 2004. Freeman, 2001).


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