Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic Kola King Advertising. King Kola: The Latest in Soft Drinks! The newest addition to the soft drink family introduces King Kola, a unique competitor to the Pepsi and Coke out there. It offers a different twist without compromising the taste and delights the customers are used to. The familiarity of the drink combined with the new design and quality of the product will help to endorse consumer satisfaction and demand. The test market will be the metro area of Columbus, Ohio with the campaign running for three months. The time chosen for our special advertising campaign are the summer months of June, July and August. This will help us get in touch with a wide variety of consumers, specifically the kids and young adults. Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with the family, and enjoy cool, refreshing drinks. So why not enjoy the summer with us? With a dedicated team of trained professionals, the campaign will kick off on the first of June. All team members will be wearing T-shirts and caps featuring the unique King Kola logo and design. There will be numerous stalls and tables strategically designated around the metro area handing out King Kola brochures and pamphlets detailing product info and company history. There will be skilled team members at each place ready to answer consumer questions and concerns. One main location will be picked to hold regular weekend BBQ’s where people and families from all over will be able to enjoy the summer fun and get a taste of our new product, King Kola. Staff will be available handing out free samples of the product along with short surveys to gather consumer opinions and feedback. A local celebrity or spokesperson will be sponsored for the campaign and be fully trained about the product and its uniqueness. The celebrity will be present at the summer BBQ’s and share in with the consumers’ experience. Using a local celebrity will not only be more cost effective, but their familiarity to the people of Columbus, Ohio will build the consumers’ trust and confidence in the product. Also, the neighborhood schools will be able to participate in this exclusive campaign by holding a summer long competition allowing students to design a unique billboard slogan for us. The winners will be announced at the end of the summer campaign with the top two receiving $5,000 each in scholarship funds. Around 30-40 percent of the budget will be used in employing various media to help with the marketing of King Kola. A website will be launched detailing the product info, regularly updated with consumer feedback. A local channel will be utilized to launch a short King Kola commercial highlighting its distinctiveness and taste. Also, Columbus’s major newspapers will be used to advertise King Kola in their papers. Special attention will be paid to training and educating the local media services in helping us to launch King Kola. The local news channel will be paid to provide coverage of the big BBQ events. This campaign strategy would be different and effective because it realizes that launching an advertisement like this is a process instead of a single event. Modifications and updates have to me constantly made in order to adapt the campaign to the changing consumer needs and feedback. Using a local celebrity and actively engaging the neighborhoods and students helps them to feel part of this building process and get more in touch with the new product, increasing their trust and confidence in it. Also, investing time and money in the local editors, analysts, and media services will help to propagate and launch King Kola in the community. Even though their percentage is little, they will be the ones writing and conveying messages about the product. These few percentages will be able to influence the larger percentage of consumers out there. The King Kola three month campaign recognizes the need to monitor, change and update its advertisement strategies as the program progresses, effectively laying the groundwork for the successful launch of the king of soft drinks. Works Cited Gordon, K., T. “Marketing Tips for Launching a New Product.” Entrepreneur Magazine. 21 Feb., 2005. Web. 14 May, 2011.


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