Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Technology in diplomacy. This has resulted in Austria shifting to paperless records, during late 1990s, while MFA of Latvia was awarded for the best web-site in 2003.(“Information and Communications Technology” 193) Foreign ministries around the world are still struggling to engage the benefits of information technology in their management of external affairs. However, some of the countries have realized the potential of using “Web 2.0”. A good example in this direction is Denmark, which has created a “virtual working group”. The function of the group is to arrange meetings of all members, from all corners of the world, using video-conferencing. This way the working group has better coordination. as it has members from all units, which are relevant to the working of country’s MFA, along with its branches in Africa, America, UN and EU countries. Utilizing the full potential of information communications technology (ICT), Denmark has identified the five principals of E-management, mainly applicable to a MFA manager. These include usage of intranet, on daily basis, for sharing ideas and communication. The concerned manager is required to make use of best practices, using IT tools, to set an example for the staff. In addition, the manager must ensure that the staff members are fully familiar with information technology, having the required skills. The manager is required, personally, to be fully conversant with the E-Government Strategy of MFA. while understanding its contents, perfectly well, which would help in contributing to the policy guidelines, in a positive manner. Canada, being the other country, which is utilizing the full potential of ICT, started an e-exercise, called ‘Public Diplomacy Network’, which involves offering of suggestions and other tips to the government on its foreign affairs policy. Accordingly, public awareness has been created among the people, through this network, regarding the government policies on international issues. Mexico is yet another country, which has growing network of foreign consular posts, in United States, sharing the best consular practices, while mutually learning, through the foreign ministry’s intranet. (“Information and Communications Technology” 194-5) With the rapid developments in the field of ICT, it is essential that all concerned keep pace with same, while understanding the changes, in a positive manner. which can help solving the problems, almost instantaneously. The social network sites, like face-book, have set an example for others, regarding best use of ICT. ICT applications After the use of computers as simple machines, their versatility increased with use of ‘local area network’ (LAN), which made inter-connections possible. Hence, many MFAs are using this technology even now, to stay connected. Then came the use of ‘wide area network’ (WAN), which meant keeping different ministries and departments of a country connected. Most European countries have adapted to this technology, in 1990s. However, many are still hesitating to use it, as they fair leakage of sensitive data, particularly pertaining to their MFAs. ‘Virtual private network’, or intranet, has been used to cover all the embassies of a country, as it widens the scope of WAN. However, many smaller countries are not able to go for such technology, due cost and skilled manpower constrains.


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