Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Situation Analysis/Target Market Identification Report for Tiny Teddy Biscuits. Their appearance is similar to Teddy Grahams of North America. The names Happy, Hungry Cheeky Grumpy, Silly and Sleepy are used to identify the various facial expressions (Arnotts.com nd). 1.0 Situation Analysis/Current Marketing Mix 1.1 Current Product The main benefits that consumers get by purchasing Tiny Teddy biscuits are their flavors, shapes and sweetness (Ibisworld, 2009). A pack of tiny teddy biscuits contains biscuits that are bite sized hence they are most convenient to eat them almost everywhere. This brand of biscuits is available in five flavors namely honey, chocolate, chocolate chip and 100s and 1000s. The distinctive feature about the packaging of this product is that they are packaged in quantities that help consumers control their portions. The muti-packs enable consumers to limit what they consume. The product is labeled using descriptions of various facial expressions. These are Happy, Hungry Cheeky Grumpy, Silly and Sleepy (Arnotts.com, nd). Each Tiny Teddy biscuit is small and is teddy bear-shaped. Their appearance is similar to Teddy Grahams of North America. The shapes and the use of names denoting facial expressions are the main features that make this product unique and different from competing brands. All the tiny teddies are half-coated in milk chocolate. Arnott’s Biscuits Holdings have an online shop through which customers can make their purchases and where possible, the company delivers the product to them (Boag, 1993). The main users of this product are consumers. Due to their great tastes and funny shapes, consumers are wiling to spend an average of 2 hours looking for the product. Most of those who cannot find this product go for substitute product. These mainly include other brands of biscuits from the same company (Boag, 1993). 1.2 Current Pricing Tiny teddy biscuits exist in a very competitive market environment. The market is highly competitive die to the availability of a large number of similar brands of sweet biscuits from various manufactures. These include Yamazaki Baking Company Ltd, Associated British Foods PLC. Morinaga Milk Industry Company Ltd.. United Biscuits UK Ltd, Nabisco Biscuit, Co Goodman Fielder Proprietary Ltd, and The Belberry Biscuit Company (Startlocal, 2011). If there is a change in the price of this product, consumer demand will change due to the wide range of choice available to the consumers. The current price of tiny teddy is lower than that of its competitors. A 325 gm pack goes for $5.85 as compared to $5.0 or more for its main competitors (Aussie Food Shop, nd). Although their prices are attractive, the consumers of tiny teddies mainly base their purchases on the product’s uniqueness like their features and shapes. The business’s costs are very important when determining the price of tiny teddy. This is because the company has to factor in all the expenses incurred in terms of resource utilization and external expenses. These include the total cost of ingredients, labor, energy, government taxation, packaging, advertisements among others. After considering all expenses incurred in the production process, the company comes up with an average figure on which it will add its desired profit so as to come up with a consumer price. 1.3 Current Distribution In Australia, there are as many as 50 locations where consumers can buy tiny teddy. These distribution points are mainly located in urban areas where they can be reached by many people.


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