Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic The role of temporary works in civil Engineering Construction. For example when setting up a scaffold it is advisable that your scaffold is supported by the ground but if that is not possible one can make it to hang above the ground or water using the hanging scaffold (Webster 1997). A good scaffold should also be able to have a safety mechanism in order to avoid injuries in case the scaffold fails thus in constructing a bridge one can chose to attach himself to the bridge to be safe incase the scaffold is failing. Formwork In his contribution Blackledge (1977) refers to formwork as the process that involves the addition of base material and also the addition of concrete that is in retaining wall so that they can be used as slabs during the construction of a bridge. Formwork is very essential since it helps to make the concrete last for long due to the fact that it makes it strong (Blackledge 1977). The strength property of formwork guarantees the much needed support that is needed in construction of the bridge. Formworks is used by making that needed shape using steel or aluminum so that the concrete is then poured into it so that a desired shape is produced. This is then allowed to harden. When it’s all dry the fabrications are removed and the formwork remains in place in that desired shape. Formwork is used to guarantees the strong support for the bridge during construction which always has to remain strong to avoid collapse (Blackledge 1977). Falsework In his book Webster (1997) talks of falsework as a term that is used to refer to the activity of supporting arches and spans in the process of constructing a bridge by using temporary support structures. This is a very essential practice in construction of bridges since it helps support the bridges from below in order to ensure that the bridges do not collapse as the construction is still continuing and can also be used to create a strong work base for the workers during the process of constructing a bridge. This always has to remain intact to the construction until that time when the bridge can self support itself without collapsing which in the long run helps to keep the bridge in position (Webster 1997). Temporary Support of Excavation During construction of a bridge it might involve excavating various sections of the work site so as to achieve a certain level of ease during the construction of bridge (Hummell 2011). For example during construction when the building is to start like two stories below the ground then excavation will have to be done in order to achieve this. Also good to notice is that sometime exaction is done for example when gravel is need for construction so that it is dug from a place. After excavation it’s a good practice to always support the excavations in order to avoid collapse of the walls during construction according to Hummell (2011). There are two types of excavation that can be used in supporting an excavation walls. this can either be flexible support or rigid excavation support. When one uses Flexible support then it would take sheet pilling, soldier pile and lagging walls. On the other hand rigid support entails slurry walls, secant piles or even tangent pile (Hummell 2011).


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