Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Business Ethic: Many ethicists believe that employees ought to be loyal to their employers (and vice versa). Using the ethical t. Similarly, employees who are loyal towards employers believe that their employers are loyal towards them as well. Furthermore, these employees seek that their employers are generous and understanding as well as display harmonious behaviors (Fahlbeck 297-319). THESIS STATEMENT This essay intends to explore and explain the three ethical theories i.e. egoism, utilitarianism and deontology for identifying the agreements and disagreements of each theory with the statement, “many ethicists believe that employees ought to be loyal to their employers (and vice versa)”. USING ETHICAL THEORIES Theory of Egoism Egoism in philosophy is considered as the theory wherein an individual himself/herself is the inspiration and the motivation of one’s own action. Egoism has two major variants i.e. descriptive and normative. The descriptive variant regards egoism as an actual portrayal of human affairs. This signifies that people are inspired by their own benefits and needs which cannot be described otherwise. On the contrary, normative variant suggests that people should also be motivated irrespective of what currently motivates their behavior. The contrast of egoism is altruism. Accordingly, altruism holds that all the actions of human beings are other-centered and other–motivated. The supporters of egoism such as Ayn Ryand argued that ethics of altruism is a destructive idea and stated that altruism considers both the society and the individual in it. It has been stated that an individual is required to value his/her life and every individual should accept the philosophy of ethical egoism. In contrast, few other philosophers rejected the ethical theory of egoism. Accordingly, it has been stated that an individual should depict care towards the interests of others for the same reason which motivates him/her to show utmost care for self-interests. Furthermore, it has been argued that an individual should attempt to achieve his/her needs and desires but not at the cost of other people (Rachels 71-77). From the above discussion, it can be stated that the ethical theory of egoism disagrees with the statement, “many ethicists believe that employees ought to be loyal to their employers (and vice versa).” This is because the ethical theory of egoism considers that individual interest holds the ultimate value over the interest of others. According to this theory, both employees and employers should focus on the attainment of self-interests rather being loyal to each other. Theory of Utilitarianism The theory of utilitarianism focuses on the effect of an action. This theory attempts to outline the range and autonomy of individual liberty. It draws a line between the rights of an individual and the rights of others. In other words, utilitarianism is a form of justice. Different philosophers have dissimilar views regarding the theory of utilitarianism. According to Jeremy Bentham, the theory argues that individual happiness is the supreme good. In view of that, it has been proclaimed that an individual should act in a certain way that provides happiness for the greatest number.


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