Hi, need to submit a 10000 words paper on the topic How Construction has evolved and developed to the current standards. (Re-word if needed). The regulations relating to buildings and their construction is fundamental to the health, welfare and safety of everyone who live in a building, work in a building at some time transact business in and around building. These individuals of course include the disabled for whom special requirements have been given. They also seek to promote the conservation of fuel and power and the prevention of waste and water (planning regulations research (SAIC 2007). communities.gov). Individuals spend approximately 90% of their time in buildings (SAIC 2007). In the UK, over one third of the carbon dioxide emissions come from buildings. The emission of carbon dioxide is very harmful to the environment and in order to protect the ozone layer we have to emphasise the importance of standards. Building Standards are fundamental to the health and safety of us all. In this regard the authorities are working hard to ensure that standards are achieved and continuously improved. Compliance and enforcement has become new issues as standards are being adapted to keep abreast with design, technology, materials and construction, as well as energy conservation issues. However, there has been increasing concerns with regards to the level of compliance, frequency, pace and increasing complexity of these changes. 2.0 The Evolution of Building Standards Construction standards have evolved overtime with frequent and more complex Building Regulations since the 1990’s. These changes relate to: Structure of buildings, Fire safety to both dwelling houses and other buildings, Site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture. Toxic substances. Resistance to the passage of sound. Ventilation. Hygiene. Drainage and waste disposal. Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems. Guidance and Supplementary Information on the UK Implementation of European Standards for Chimneys and Flues. Conservation of fuel and power to existing dwelling houses, other buildings, new dwelling houses and other new buildings. access to and use to buildings. Glazing – safety in relation to impact, opening and cleaning. Electrical safety – Dwellings. Materials and workmanship. 2.1 Old Trafford to Wembley Old Trafford was built starting from as far back as the 1900s when requirements were very barely significant. However, there have been major demolitions, modifications and additions since that time. The old roof pillars were replaced in 1965 with modern-style cantilevers. Changes were also made to focus crowd noise on the pitch. The final adjustment was made in 2004 in order to ensure that all spectators had seats.


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