Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Bushmeat Crisis in a Particular Country: Uganda, Africa. From the research it is clear that Uganda, one of the many African countries affected by the Bushmeat crisis, has the dominant population of both of these species. This issue has environmental, ethical, and serious implications for the future of these species. If the Bushmeat crisis continues in Uganda, it is likely to lead to the extinction of both of these Great Ape species, in Africa and all over the world.This discussion stresses that&nbsp.Uganda is one of the many East African countries, nestled between Kenya, The Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Uganda has had a troubled past. It has survived dictatorships, internal political violence, and terrible economic depletions. It is the combination of these issues, including poverty, hunger, and desperation that has led to the people of Uganda into the Bushmeat industry. Although partially promoted by hunger, many of the animals killed for Bushmeat has greater monetary value when exported. Which promotes killing as much for hunger as for profit.&nbsp.Bushmeat hunters do not have regard for endangered species, will use illegal methods, and hunt in unauthorized locations to obtain their goal.&nbsp.The loss of habitats through human means, like logging, has drastically and negatively affected native species already endangered. The Bushmeat trend has only made the population decreases far worse. Chimpanzees and Gorillas can be found throughout Uganda and a few other locations. Their bodies are valuable as magical talismans, their parts are desirable as trophies and most disturbing, their meat is considered a delicacy one would serve to the elite, offered at formal gatherings and special events (In Defense of Animals, 2013). Already diminishing and endangered species are being systematically eradicated for profits. This is an unsustainable industry because eventually their resource will no longer exist in quantities to meet the illegal demand. Discussion Africa is home to thousands of amphibious, mammalian species, as well as, unique plant life (PBS News Hour, 2013). There are great number of reasons why the Bushmeat crisis is truly a threat to ecosystems, habitats, endangered primate and Great Ape species, as well as, human beings. The repercussions on the environment are, already, being felt. Large game animals are, also, being poached, as well as, experiencing the diminishing numbers due to the Bushmeat crisis. elephants and hippopotamus are facing population drops. Nearly, half of the primate species in the world are presently threatened with eminent extinction (Bushmeat Crisis Task Force, 2009). Anytime an animal is removed entirely form it environment completely imbalances that ecosystem forever. Primates, like Chimpanzees and Gorillas, are extremely closely related to human beings. We share many similarities internally and externally. The idea of harvesting our nearest biological relatives as a food source raises many ethical issues. some even may ask does this qualify as some sort of pseudo-cannibalism. This genetic closeness also plays other roles. Chimpanzees and Gorillas, like human beings, live longer and do not reproduce as often or in the numbers that other prey species do.


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