Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on starwood hotels human resources strategies Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Starwood Hotels Human Resources Strategies Number Introduction Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Incorporation is a company specialized in the provision of hospitality services. The organization’s headquarters is located in White Plains, New York in the United States. Taking the form of world-class groups of hotels Starwood is one of the biggest global hotels. It owns, franchises, manages, and oversees hotel facilities, spas, residences, vacation rights facilities and resorts on the nine full-fledged brands under its brand. The big hospitality company is today, owning and managing almost 1,000 properties, in form of franchise. The organization it depends on an employment workforce of about 145,000. About 34 percent of the employees are believed to be United States nationals, and who carry out their duties within the country. The management of the chain of hotels strives to rise above other significant players in the market on key issues such as recruitment and selection of employees, trainings, policies and employee productivity, since revenue is mainly based on the four organizational tenets. Recruitment and selection According to Jameson (2011), Starwood is developing at an extraordinary rate, thanks to sound policies guiding staffing. The company believes in effective staffing as it is the key effective human resources. The organization has initiated proactive action initiatives and implemented different initiatives aimed to prepare internal and external applicants to solve the problem of the company’s advancing staffing requirements, from the lowest positions to the top management levels. Apart from these programs, the company practices online-based recruitment program to access a wide range of potential employees across the world (Choi, 2003). The online recruitment avenue enables candidates to frame their job hunt with respect to their qualifications. These factors include their brand inclinations, geographical location, and professional qualifications among other issues (Liyakasa, 2011. Choi, 2003). Additionally, the flexible nature of the Internet tool allows for more efficiency and simplicity in the staffing process. The online tool also offers applicants the opportunity to subscribe to electronic mails of job alerts. Job alerts enable new applicants to receive information on their dream job vacancies or preferred deployment locations (Lockyer, 2007). Trainings Starwood’s commitment to projecting the essence of education in an organization ensures that training programs are maintained within the organization. The training programs mainly target new employees or those set for promotion. Training is part of Starwood organization culture because the management links high employee efficiency to knowledgeable and skillful workforce. Starwood continuously establishes and improves training initiatives through to achieve more customer satisfaction and better returns (Liyakasa, 2011). Service Culture training, for instance, which targets the hotel management team members and key stakeholders in the cadre, is an imperative brand precepting and service improvement program that ensures better guest satisfaction. Additionally, Starwood’s Branded Guest service orientation program offers the workforce the guideline to achieve the corporate goals. This, eventually provide an exposure that turns first-time revelers into repeat customers. In general, Starwood’s comprehensive preparation for associates enables the participants to gain the clear knowledge and actions needed to accomplish the brand promise, whereas manager training aims to impart the necessary skills needed to lead and improve an organized guest service attitude (Beirne, 2005). Policies Starwood formulates and implements various organizational policies aimed to improve its market share and streamline its operations in tandem with the rules of the game in the industry. The main policies of the organization revolve around moving past set goals, empowering the communities, and appreciating diversity. For instance, Starwood strives to implement Supplier Diversity Program. This is a policy initiative aimed to increase the contracts for minority-owned organizations. The organization appreciates minority businesses and believes that such organizations carry out an ever-advancing positive responsibility in the communities where the organization has its facilities (Jameson, 2011). By cultivating proper relationships with these businesses, the organization strives to develop opportunities that are beneficial to both players. Starwood supports and promotes the involvement of all of its facilities and corporate outlets in exploring and putting to practice the measures necessary to guarantee Diverse Suppliers equal economic opportunities available (Beirne, 2005. Starwood Hotels & Resorts, 2000). Employee productivity Liyakasa (2011) avers that Starwood’s all-inclusive policy underscores the significance of working as a team among the staff of Six Sigma and has enabled the organization to preserve talented employees who champion process improvement operations. The company is credited for its exceptional change management initiatives. This enables the company to win over other staff specialized in process improvement. Also playing a pivotal role in the employee retention is the bonus for all those who have attained any Belt levels, given yearly and based on employee competence. Additionally, an internal certification for achievers of Black Belts usually awarded after the employees are through with the preparation and DMAIC projects totaling to three, also contributes to more employee productivity within the organization. Notably, Black Belts winners who have demonstrated high efficiency are acknowledged by fellow workmates at the Six Sigma committee meetings, held four times in a year. Black Belts often stand better chances of earning promotion (Beirne, 2005. Choi, 2003). Conclusion Although, several five-star hotels continue to rival Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Incorporation, most target only the customers in the United States. Unlike Starwood, with thousands of facilities in foreign countries, a majority of leading organizations in the industry lack significant presence in such an environment. The successes of Starwood, revolving around proper recruitment and retention of the workforce, employee training programs, sound organizational policies and high employee productivity. The morals have elevated the organization to a well-known brand name in the world hospitality industry. The organization’s management team is arguably the driving force behind the successes of the company. The team formulates and implements good corporate policies, which improve the smooth running of both the internal operations and strong corporate social responsibility, with the benchmark being good returns for the organization. References Beirne, M. (2005). Good knight: awakening an industry. Brandweek, 46(36), M32-M66. Choi, A.S. (2003). Starwood Sells Hotels for $104M. Commercial Property News, 17, (17), 4. Jameson, D.A. (2011). The Rhetoric of Industrial Espionage: The Case of Starwood V. Hilton. Business Communication Quarterly, 74(3), 289-297. Liyakasa, K. (2011). Checking in on the hotel industry. Westchester County Business Journal, 47(49), 25-28. Lockyer, T. L.G. (2007). The International Hotel Industry: Sustainable Management. New York, NY: Routledge. Starwood Hotels & Resorts. (2000). Hotel & Motel Management, 215, (3), 59.


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