Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on managing customer and suppliers Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Place____________________________________________________________7 8. Item ____________________________________________________________7 9. Conclusion _______________________________________________________9 10. References ______________________________________________________10 Impact of the theory of six rights on the construction of the Aquatics Centre for Balfour Beatty Introduction The theory of the six rights clearly states the importance of supplying customer satisfaction by following six basic standards including timely delivery, quality and quantity assurance and price, place and item standardization. All suppliers, manufacturers and service providers try to follow these basic guidelines for success. Background The planning for the 2012 London Olympics have led to great amends and development in the London area and the transformation of the heart of East London by the development of the Olympics village. The total budget of 5254 million pounds was initially allocated for the Olympic Development Association (Sean Dodd, 2010)and Balfour Beatty, the large British infrastructure provider, won the contract for building the 17500 seater Aquatics centre. The company is an imminent infrastructure provider whose key aim is to continue reliable and responsible growth in shareholder value. (Beatty, 2008). Some of the most high profile projects of the company included Arsenal Emirates Stadium and the Terminal 5 of the Heathrow airport. For the aquatics centre, the key requirements of the Olympics had to be fulfilled within a certain time limit and a budget and the strict observation of both of them was essential. The project was to include different training and warming pools, adjustable spectator areas, changing areas and a cafe. Other requirements included the building to be sustainable with as little impact on the environment as well. This is besides the fact that the development and the functioning are expected to be extremely safe and family friendly. Thus different user rights for satisfaction of the Olympians and spectators in particular and the public in general have to be fulfilled. Balfour Beatty has to ensure that these basic rights are not compromised on any occasion during construction and the following functioning. Following of these six rights is not only a stringent requirement of the contract providers but is also essential for the efficiency and increased productivity of Balfour Beatty. Time The time frame of the project is extremely crucial as it is no ordinary airport or building but an event centre being developed for a certain event. Thus it has to be ensured that the project is fully completed well before 2012 and the proposed deadline is 2011. (Balfour Beatty wins 2012 Aquatic centre, 2008). The time limit posed also tests Balfour Beatty’s commitment to its projects as it measures its efficiency. The deadline of projection completion in 2011 also prevents any extra costs as late deliveries and late processing always spiral the cost of construction. Timely supply chain management, which is Balfour Beatty’s trademark also reduces the cost by increasing the lead time while ordering and the just in time inventory assures that storage costs are further decreased. Thus the project time line if followed suitably will allow the project to be completed well within the proposed budget generating good revenues for the company. The most recent development showed that the Aquatics centre will be completed in 7 months which is almost a year ahead of the schedule.


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