Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on is it our future already written Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! This paper highlights my own experiences and how I decided to shape the way I wanted it to be. This paper is comprised of different sections (Sagor 2005). It is fundamental note that this study was located in my school. I interviewed my room who gave very pertinent information about me.This research targeted people that were close to me. For instance, it targeted my friends, roommate and family members. These people were interviewed as per the questionnaire and interview schedule prepared. This study applied simple sampling techniques. This type of sampling allows an equal chance for each individual to be picked for interview. This technique of sampling also allows the respondents to be picked just by chance. This type of sampling technique was selected because the study dealt with a larger population. I randomly selected my friends who I interviewed. The sample size of this research was 10 participants. I targeted 3 people from my family, and 7 people from my school. These participants were interviewed as per the interview schedule. Let me also note that I interviewed my room at night when we were resting after studies. I interviewed my family on Sundays. Let me note that I learned a lot from the participants. It is true to note that our lives are always marred with challenges that me it difficult for us to look in to life in a more positive way. Personally, I have experienced many challenges. I have to admit that the challenges that I experienced in life made me stronger. My roommate narrated during the interview how he suffered while still young. It was painful to hear her say that her parents separated while he was just five years. He adapted to the situation to live in a single parenthood family. This showed me clearly that when we look in to life in a more positive manner life would always be good. Let me also highlight that my friend highlighted that we should avoid being negative in life. During the interview, she told me that we should not always opt that the worst will happen. We should always opt for the best to happen. I have to note that it is also important to desist from negative behaviors to be positive in life. My mother used to remind me to desist from bad behaviors like being late in school, and being lazy. I have always grown up knowing that laziness is not good. I don’t remember too much about that night. I only remember that Carlos and I were at an Italian restaurant, very gourmet, beautiful, comfortable, and classy. Then, we went to the movies, and we had an ice cream in my favorite ice cream shop located 2 blocks away my home. I got the nocciola and lime flavor and Carlos got the chocolate one. I remember we end it up laughing and sharing our ice creams. Then, I woke up, and I couldn’t remember anything more, as I recounted my dream to my best friend Connie in a rainy night of October 2009. I had never dreamed of a specific person before, and I was trying to solve the mystery with Connie. After talking with her, no closer to an answer, I received a message: “Hi, this is Carlos. I haven’t seen you for a while until yesterday in the Model of United Nations. I remember when we used to go out every weekend, so it was very nice to see you last night. By the way…how is everything doing in your Model of United Nation? If you need any help, I can help you in whatever you need. Sorry if I’m taking this too long.” It was a big coincidence that after I saw him in the Model of United Nations, I dreamed about him, and then, he texted me.


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