Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on human resource management in a london public hospital Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! UK has shortage of health workers of different specializations. Nonetheless, considerable improvements can still be achieved if the governments work in line with the management of the institutions to create an organizational climate to attract the employees. The use of tools such as the HRM Rapid Assessment Tool will enable the HR department to understand the appropriate adjustments that can be applied. This is the major tool to be used by the HR department at this hospital. The HR director will involve other stakeholders and the government to respond according to the outcomes of this analysis. Human Resource Management in a London Public Hospital Introduction The human resource in any given organization is one of the fundamental assets necessary for effective operations of the organization (Bhutoria, n.d). The service and product users of any organization are showing increasing concern on the quality of these services and the product. The quality of service may be determined by a comparison between what the user expected of the service provider and what eventually is received (Parasuraman & Zeithaml, 2002, p.340). Various measures are necessary to ensure that these needs of the service users are met as necessitated by the stated objectives, goals, and mission of the organization. Nonetheless, effective management of the human capital will be the foundation towards the intended achievement (Walker, 2008, p.96). The users of services in the public sector are often many so that they need to be attended as fast as possible. Due to large number of service users, there may be heavy workloads on the health workers. A solution to these emerging issues can be solved through an effective human resource management. A good government will be established if there is a good design for the management of people (Berman et al, 2009). Human resource management refers to ‘the integrated use of systems, policies, and practices required to provide the necessary range of functions to plan, produce, deploy, manage, train, and support the workforce’ (USAID, 2012). The human resource management in the health sector is concerned with how the health workers are incorporated into the health systems and how they can be motivated to utilize optimally their competencies in the service delivery. There is a need for an integration of different human resource functions and responsibilities to overcome the weaknesses that have been recorded in this management in the past. Some management tools have been developed that can be integrated into a given health system to improve the operations and raise the quality of healthcare services. Tools such the HRM Rapid Assessment Tool, and the HRH Action Framework can be used for effective human resource management. Challenges in HRM in the public service – focus on health sector The major challenge in human resource management in the public sector is the recruitment and retention of qualified professionals aggravated by the high level of competition from the private sector (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA/DPADM), 2005). The difficulty in the recruitment process is caused by lack of qualified professionals and specialists in different areas of the health sector (Aijala, n.d, p.8).


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