Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on grief causes and treatment Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! In the end, the study will elaborate on two most popular treatment methods that are frequently being applied for the complete convalescence of the patients suffering from grief in Australia. A summary of the case study: The case under-examination concentrates upon 80 years old former Australian pharmacist Max Bernstein, who had to undergo a serious shock appeared on the eve of the detection of the illness of his beloved wife in 2010 after fifty-five of their marriage. Eva Bernstein, Max’s wife not only lost her memory but also required assistance during her toilet use. Max decided to consult the doctor, who diagnosed the ailment to be dementia. Max sought the support of their medical advisor in respect of the convalescence of his wife, but to his surprise, there was no particular medicine available that could be suggested for the recovery of his wife. However, the doctor informed about a newly invented chemical formula, the application of which could be fatal for a person of Eve’s age. In addition, the medicine and treatment methodology, mentioned by the doctor, were highly expensive ones. As a result, Max did not have any option other than taking Eve back home in order to let her expire without having any proper treatment for her altogether. Consequently, Eva Bernstein passed away within a few weeks, leaving Max Bernstein at the state of utter grief. Definition and Description of the Problem Max Suffered: The term grief simply refers to the state of sheer disappointment and despair one experiences in the wake of a great or irreparable loss, which is not only long lasting one in nature, but also looks jolting the mental condition of the aggrieved person along with disturbing his/her physical health and fitness to some extent. Grieving is, according to Neimeyer et al., a process of reconstructing a world of meaning that has been challenged by loss (2006:2). Hence, grief could also be defined as the state that depicts man’s incapability of making a strong decision after the break of a sorrowful news or happening of some mishap. Grief can result into cardiac arrest, memory loss and brain hemorrhage etc because of the shocking effect it maintains on the mind of the aggrieved. Neimeyer & Burke (2012) have defined some of the most fundamental causes of grief, which include the death or loss of close kinship, insecure attachment, abducting of child and others (State of Victoria Department of Health, 2012:8). In addition, serious insult and humiliation at the hands of others, rape, assault, betrayal of the lover, shameful defeat, dismissal from employment, heavy loss in business ventures, and ethnic-racial prejudiced behavior also bring grief and woe to the individuals. As a result, man has to undergo the state of grief in such a way that could force him to take such extreme steps like taking his life by committing suicide, assaulting over others, getting mad and losing senses etc in the wake of acute stress disorder (Dobry, 2012:684). Somehow, providing immediate medical aid as well as the moral support could turn out to be supportive in respect of decreasing the level and intensity of grief, which may forbid the aggrieved from taking any step that could have fatal effects on his mind and life eventually. The same was the health condition of Max Bernstein after the illness of his beloved wife Eve was diagnosed, leading to her death. as these sad incidents had brought utter disappointment.


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