Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on course project: e-commerce marketing plan Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! By using Gamebot’s service, potential customers can maximize value by securing their finances as the company does not charge the customers with any listing fee. In this manner, customers are ensured that they are only liable to share 7% of the final selling price with the company once the transaction is successful with no hidden or additional charges for the using the tool. 2. Market Summary Gamebot Inc.’s main market is the European computer and video game industry which is the second largest gaming market in the world (National Research Council U.S, 2010). Gamebot Inc. has been serving the European gaming market since its inception by predominantly providing the company’s European customers with games that are produced by European, North American and Japanese organizations. Through the execution of an effective and comprehensive marketing strategy the company aims to enter the largest gaming market in the world, which is that of North America (National Research Council U.S, 2010). The existing scale of the global gaming market is immense, with data reporting that the worldwide revenues produced from PC and videogame software surpassed a staggering US$46.5 billion in 2008 alone (Stanoevska-Slabeva, Wozniak, Ristol, 2010). As stated by Michael D. Gallagher, President and CEO of Entertainment Software Association of the United States “no other sector has experienced the same explosive growth as the computer and video game industry” (Entertainment Software Association of U.S, 2013). According to the report presented by the Entertainment Software Association of U.S (2013), 58% of citizens in the United States play video games, with 51% of households in the country having ownership of a gaming console that is used by an average of two gamers per household. Furthermore, Gamebot Inc.’s entry into the North American gaming market presents numerous expansion opportunities for the company through the launch of its E-commerce website because of the augmented development in the Canadian video game industry, which is responsible for increasing the country’s GDP by $2.3 billion (Entertainment Software Association of Canada, 2013). According to the statistics provided by Entertainment Software Association of Canada (2013), 40% of video game organizations in the nation expect more than 25% projected growth in the period of 2014-2015. These characteristics of Gamebot Inc.’s target market are critical to the organization’s decision regarding the exploration of the potential market which primarily comprises of the U.S and Canada. 2.1 Market Segmentation Even though, the European and North American gaming industries are characterized by the presence of certain similar features, the presence of which could enhance the company’s chances of success in the target market, it should be stated that several elements in the two markets are dissimilar in nature. Kotler and Armstrong (1991) understand that market segmentation can work as a successful tool in this scenario because the application of this concept allows companies to segregate large and varied markets into smaller sections in order to ensure that consumers within the market are served in an efficient manner in accordance with their distinctive requirements.


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