Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on cns breathe strip marketing strategy Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The company has used prominent people in Japan, the United States, and in Italy as their public relations since they will have an impact on the consumer choices after being seen using the breathing strip. For example in Italy, they used a Valentino Rossi, who is a famous motor cycle racer to promote the breathing strip. Since people will want to emulate they people the find famous, they started using the breathing strip to take care of their breathing problems, and this increased sales for the product. The company also embarked on a campaign in all the countries it supplies the breathing strip to know the needs of consumers by conducting market research to know the consumer needs, for example, when it first introduced the strip in the united states, it was black and recorded high sales since it meant it should be used at night. However, when the same product was introduced in England, it had a negative impact since people there wanted it to come in a lighter color to indicate that it is helpful for breathing. This prompted the company to change the color of their product so that it can be tailored to meet the needs of the target market. CNS’s brand image is strong as many people around the world are using it, and this is owed to the company’s advertising strategies. The company has many markets, the price of the product is not the same in all the markets, and they consider the market constraints in the target market before setting the price. This implies that users of the breathing strip will be willing to pay for the product provided it treats their breathing problems regardless of the price. The company embarks on extensive advertising campaigns to ensure that consumers are aware of the product. The company uses television advertising to promote the use of the product in most of its market since it has a wide coverage, implying that the advertisement will reach a wide audience. It also has a large market at convenience shops meaning that people do not have to have a prescription in order to buy the breathing strips. Valentino Rossi increased awareness of the breathing strip in Europe, and he uses the strip for most of his racers and on the two occasions when he did not use the strip, he lost the races and since then he has been using the nasal strip. This was a big boost to the company’s sales since people all over Europe with breathing problems started using the strip to help them in breathing, and the company increased their sales. People‘s culture and their way of life are important considerations when determining the market approach to be used in a certain market. This is because the beliefs of people ought to be incorporated in the marketing approach to ensure that they respond positively to the company’s product. In New Zealand, rugby is one of the most treasured sport in the country, and this means that the marketing approach for CNS would have to include some aspect of the game. Rugby is deeply rooted in the society and their national rugby team would be a good base for the marketing campaign. CNS could use one of the prominent players of the All Blacks team to market the product.


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