Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Unite Test Three. It needs to be at least 1000 words. Gavrilo Princip He was a Yugoslavian native in the early 20th century and is widely remembered for being theactual reason of emergence of the first global war in 1914. This is because. he assassinated Franz Ferdinand, an Austrian that led to cancellation of diplomatic ties between the countries. As a result, formation of collusions by nations in support to either of the two countries led to the war, which later turned to be war between superpowers. Fourteen Points Wilson, the US president in the early 20th century made a statement in 1918 concerning the European war, which was at its peak then. Though America was not an initial participant within the first war in Europe, it joined and the famous speech was made as the president emphasized the need for such an intervention to have the war halted for the sake of European peace and progress. Though most of participating countries kept their motives hidden, Wilson’s pronouncement of the essence of the war in the ‘fourteen points’ speech was a welkan to Europe. Third world The term and concept has been in use ever since the inception of cold war broadly describing those countries that remained non-partisan to the war. In particular, the word describes the nations as were not affiliated to either NATO or communist bloc in the war. The term has ever been in use in reference to countries in political, economic or even social divisions. It is also worth noting that the use of the term has greatly evolved where most recent use is in reference to developing countries Apartheid A distinctive feature in early colonialism in Africa, especially within South Africa was segregation based on skin color or race. The initial implication of the term as adopted was to ‘set apart’. Its use and adoption took effect after Second World War where the majority African rights were curtailed and Afrikaans minority rule embraced. After 1948’s general in South Africa, the Dutch colonialists introduced the policy with the aim of oppressing the black majority within South Africa. Dreadnought The 20th century was characterized by major global battles and advancement in military equipment was a symbol of power and superiority. Warships were invented and adopted for use in such battles as were fought within the century. Among such great battle ships that were developed within the century was the Dreadnoughts which were the predominant symbols of power in war in the era. After launch of the initial dreadnought ‘Royal Navy’ in early years of the century, many similar war ships were designed and shared on the name. Moreover, other ships that were originally designed before the Royal Navy were renamed pre-dreadnoughts. World war one Countries collude to form cooperation blocks, which are more influential in international scene on matters of security as well as war. An example of security regimes that has been has been the Soviet Union and the communist bloc, which were very effective within the cold war (Beasley, 124). The historical World War 1 broke in the year 1914 with two, main opposing alliances of nations. Many Australian men volunteered to participate in the war in support of the Britain and were taken overseas for training. The British side opted to support Russia in order to defeat Turkey through which they would be in a position to weaken Germany. Yugoslav Princip’s assassination of Austria’s Ferdinand is shown to have been the actual trigger to the war. The battle for supremacy between the first world countries, which had great power, made the war inevitable and therefore strategic alliances formed to make up the opposing sides. The war was first of its kind by the involvement of different countries as alliances and blocks through which they fought their allies. Among notable effects of the war in Europe was the need to have the map redrawn after dismantling of some of the countries. Besides, major imperial powers and empires such as Germany, Ottoman, Russia as well as Austro-Hungarian were dismantled hence leaving a great mark on the global history. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party Before getting into power in Germany, the Nazi party used propaganda to draw the attention of the masses and acquire followers who were the German people. In particular, by creating and selling the myth of their party leader, Adolf Hitler as an infallible and dynamic leader, they won the support of the people. In addition to this propaganda prior to getting into power, the Nazi Party used the same practices to stay in power and justify the dictatorship of Hitler and therefore it sustained his power for some time until his death. The propagandas advanced by Nazi party were targeted to oppress the Jews, homosexuals as well as Romans who were treated as undesirable people in the German territory and who lived in Germany by creating a picture of them as unfit to live with. They also targeted the people who were less fortunate and lived with disabilities such as mental illnesses and physical disabilities among others. In addition to these stereotypes, the Jews were claimed to have had an intention to rule over the Germans only to justify the oppression against them. The result of years of propaganda and oppression resulted to the destructive World War II, which was felt at every place on earth (Weiner et al, 368-369). Nazi party is known to have used various media to advance their punitive propaganda to the people of Germany. For example, the people of Germany were communicated to through use of radios, posters, movies as well as the use of press. In the use of these media, there were biases that were made to achieve damaging results to the people affected (Narayan swami, 1). As a leader of a political party, Adolf Hitler felt that the only way to gain political powers was through spreading of propaganda to deviate the attention of the people so that they can follow him. He notes that his passion for political leadership grew when he went to Realschule at Vienna. The time he was put in prison served to shape his desire as a leader and as he was quickly accepted to lead his party after he was released from jail, then he advanced his work (Murphy, 22-24). As the leader of Nazi party, Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany in the year 1933 where he started to interrupt the programs of the press and withdrew the rights so that he can be able to advance the ideals of his ways. Free press and free speech were denied to the people who were opposed to the Nazi leadership (Collins, 819). When they had made everything to silence the people who were not their supporters, they opened a new moment of propagating biased information. This was the tool adopted to ensure that educated Jews and Germans were drawn into loyalty towards the Nazism. Works Cited Beasley, Mathew, “Regime security theory: why do states with no clear strategic Security concerns obtain nuclear weapons?” 2009. Print. 14 December 2013 Collins, Richard, “Propaganda For War And Transparency” 2010, Print. 14 December 2013 Murphy,James, “Mein Kampf”, n.d. Web. 14 December 2013. Narayanaswami, Karthik, Analysis of Nazi Propaganda, “A Behavioral Study”. 2011. Web. 14 December 2013. Wiesner,Merry, Wiesner-Hanks,Merry, Wheeler,William, Doeringer,Franklin, and Curtis,Kenneth, “Discovering the Global Past: A Look at the Evidence” Lonon: Cengage Learning, 2011. Print.


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