Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Sexual Assault class project Education/Training and Treatment/Rehabilitation. It needs to be at least 500 words. CRJ 152 SEXUAL ASSAULT PROJECT LUKAVITCH By Roni Sherman April 26th, We live in an age when news and information are just a click away from us, whether it’s the entertainment industry, politics or crime. Sexual assault is just one such crime that societies should be more aware of and formulate strategies for fighting it. To fight the harsh fact that every society faces, a program is discussed, based on an understanding of such cases. Purpose: The purpose of the program is to draw attention to needs of people faced with sexual assault trauma, to raise awareness about it and how it is to be dealt with. Also, it is to provide the necessary aid to such individuals and their families to come out of this grief. Setting: The program is run by an organization based in a cosmopolitan city, with highly trained professionals leading the team. It has a rehabilitation centre as well as ongoing education and awareness raising programs/ workshops. It is also well connected with organizations fighting for a similar cause, specially those who can advocate the cases of victims. Staff: Doctors, psychologists / psychiatrists, lawyers, educational leaders, physiotherapists, volunteers (to spend as much time with patients) Community interface: A webpage that connects the organization with the community in order to familiarize people with their purpose and course of action. Also, regular public seminars will bridge the gap between people current understanding of the problem and what needs to be done in situations involving sexual assault victims and their families. Clients: Educational institutes, offices, factories, individuals and families faced with such traumas. Measure success: The success of the program will be measured in terms of the companies and individuals approaching the organization for sustained support. Also, regular media coverage would ensure the continual growth and success of the program. Treatment and Rehabilitation in the Program With regards to the victims of sexual assault, the provision of appropriate effective treatment and rehabilitation is fundamental. Besides thorough medical and psychological assessments, Klein (86) states that patients could be involved in supportive exercises such as writing and drawing. Also part of the treatment and rehabilitation process is ‘peer group therapy’ put forward by Sgroi (131) stating that it “affords a milieu in which adult survivors can work together to heal the emotional trauma they experienced”. The program would also facilitate the patients by providing clinically competent therapists (Sgroi 131) to help them identify their individual therapy needs and protect them against emotional injury. In general, therefore, the rehabilitation process would ensure a secure environment for sexual assault victims, helping them streamline into normal social life, with the reassurance of continual support. Education and Training in the Program The program will train multiple audiences such as the legal system and the health care system in order to have their support to combat sexual assault occurrences. This training would focus on the role of advocates and community members in forming a support system for the victims (NCDSV – web). The education of participating bodies will include building a thorough understanding of the psychological problems of the victims and their behavior patterns that the community must be aware of. Moreover, it would involve extensive guidance for the victims and their families, especially that which is centered around creating a positive outcome directed environment at home. It is important to build a platform such as this because, as Klein (87) puts it, “it is difficult for such survivors to feel entitled to be treated decently…unless the collective meaning of their assault is addressed”. This highlights the community interface and foundations of the programs outlined. Works Cited Klein, Robert H. “Group psychotherapy for psychological trauma.” New York: Guilford, 2000. Print. National Centre of Domestic and Sexual Violence. http://www.ncdsv.org/ . Web. 21 April, 2011 Sgroi, Suzanne M. “Sexual Abuse Treatment for Children, Adult Survivors, Offenders, and Persons.” New York: Lexington, 1989. Print.


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