Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Psychological Theory and its Application. It needs to be at least 750 words. Clinical psychology is one such branch of psychology that can basically be applied in a real-life situation. It is mostly undertaken to facilitate the understanding and the issues that revolve around the prevention of dysfunction or distress that is psychologically based so as to basically promote the well being of the humans involved in the whole system. An example is the application of this kind in a hospital situation when dealing with the old people that have depressions amongst other forms of discomfort that could possibly arise from stressful situations in their lives to bring them mental ailments. The clinical psychology and its application came in handy in this job description as it states that there should be an existing form of understanding and relationship between my clients and myself. Working with them mostly as individuals having to attend to their basic mental requirements such as having to read out to them what makes them happy. (Meister, 1999) Central to my work description is the psychotherapy of the patients while in some very special instances there is an inclusion of forensic testimony, giving out consultation services up to and including teaching various life skills to make my clients and patients feel the comfort they need. From my understanding, so many countries have had regulations on the mental health profession and therefore the job has to be taken care if one has to achieve personal or institutional objectives. I tried to basically employ a form of procedures with the intention of forming a therapeutic alliance as well to establish the nature of the psychological problem that a patient suffers from. By understanding all these, my psychological understanding is therefore supposed to be applied in a way to help the patients basically embrace new forms of behavior, feeling or even thinking. It is not in my line to prescribe medication for the patients although there are growing numbers of the psychologists under this field that have the privileges to basically prescribe drugs for the patients that have the need for the medication. Those that have these privileges have to be careful when they give out the prescriptions as any form of misinformation may basically worsen any kind of situation. In some special cases, the psychologists have to coordinate with warranted psychiatrists so as make available all the kinds of help that they need. There may also require inclusion of the services such as those from nutritionists and even social workers all for the benefit of the patients. (Klusman, 2001) There are various forms of health psychology that have to be incorporated in such a field of health provision such as the health psychology. This branch of psychology basically concerns itself with the various forms of understanding in regards to the way biology. social context as well as behavior can have an influence on shaping health or even illness as seen in humans. The professionals that engage in this broad form of psychological undertaking will always work in unison with many other professionals in the field of health so as to achieve the objective of giving out the best form of care that any patient can ever ask for.&nbsp.


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