Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Possible Thesis: Food is literally and figuratively important to the story told in Julie Dash’s Daughters of the Dust. Food w. It needs to be at least 1000 words. She left home in the quest for employment to make ends meet. She is in the deepest quest for good life just as anybody else would life. She finds the food in her new home of abroad not in any way comparable to the food that she is traditionally accustomed to. She remarked that the American Gumbo is not as delicious as the Gulla island gumbo. The American gumbo lacks some ingredients that should be giving it the natural salivating taste. Food is dictated by culture and whenever there is change of food, it does mean that the culture has also changed. In respect to this, lack of Gulla gumbo would mean that they would miss their native culture and way of life and adopt a typically new culture and a completely new set of behavior while they are living in America. They would completely miss the Gulla culture and the peasantry family to adopt the western culture and get submerged into the western society. When Yellow Mary takes a note of the Gumbo, this reflects on the importance they attach to their ancestors who actually lived before them. She is not ready to lose her native food and bearing in mind that she would not get the natural gumbo in the western society, she opts to stay in Gulla Island to continue enjoying the gumbo. Yellow Mary notes. while she is in the west that it has taken quite a long time since she had well for: good food to her is the spiced gumbo of the Gulla island. Because of this, she feels as though she is losing an aspect of her identity. She does not have the food that depicts the very ease of her natural state. The nurturing components of the traditional food are intertwined to her psychological makeup. In saying that she has missed good food is just a metaphorical way of saying that she has missed her people, culture, and the traditional food, all things that is associated with her native land (Van, 45). Food ranks to be at the top of things that bring the nativity of her home at the comfort of her imagination that she is home (Houston, 56). The gumbo is an icon of comfort and a traditional way of nourishment. They also gathered under the tree where they shared various views on the traditional culture. They also got their identity by just sitting as a family around the tree. The tree was a depiction of family unity, it symbolized life, growth, progress, and it marked the depth of the family culture. The tree was a symbol of unity, knowledge, and life of the Gullanians. When Mary moved to the west, she was in deep quest for money to help her sustain a high standard of living in the west. She thus become a nanny to a while family: a place where is get maltreated. Mary seem to be in a desperate quest for money that she uses every possible way of getting money that even when she is treated as a mere object, she does not object this at all. Her focus is on getting money without taking a good reflection on the dignity of her life. The family in which she serves in the capacity of a nanny also uses her for sexual satisfaction. This is a thing that she does continuously until a time comes when she feels used, manipulated, misused. At this point, she then decides to leave this miserable lifestyle and she tries to pursue a decent life. in the same episode, she fixes her breast to stop milk from flowing to give her easy time to discharge her duties. While serving at the white family, she expresses discontentment with the way things are.


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