Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on People and Organizations. It needs to be at least 1250 words. With the policy working, the team was able to meet its deadlines as well as present high quality job. The level of effectiveness has been favored by the continued attendance of meetings by the team members. Every member has been assigned duties that make him or her available for every meeting. This creates a sense of belonging, which creates a strong bond between members of a group (McMillan & Chavis 1989). The result has been we have become friends to each other hence creating a friendly and conducive environment for us to work in. In our group, we worked to enhance motivation that made the team members place group interest ahead of personal interest. So far, we have been able to have four meetings and the attendance and level of participation have been consistent from the team members. Every member’s participation has been recognized by the continued support from the team members on given group work assignments. The previous assignment had six questions. We divided the questions amongst ourselves in the sub groups where we worked in pairs on every part of the question. Each meeting had a specified task were everybody turned up prepared and ready to work on the day’s part. John and I were working on a set of three questions. To enhance effectiveness and timely delivery of the assignment, exchanging of ideas, and evaluating responses against questions is very essential (Bloom & Loftin 1998). Upon confirming that we had answered all the three questions as per the instructions, we went ahead and asked for suggestions from the other group members while we also helped them evaluate their answers. The results were a well-done assignment where all aspect of the questions had been addresses effectively. Team support to specific individuals is a key success indicator of every team (Brounstein 2011). At the time of presentation, we worked as teams in supporting each other do a thorough presentation. I remember I was very tense when doing my PowerPoint presentation that I needed some back up. Grace came in to provide the needed support when laying up the stage for presentation as well as doing a conclusion for the presentation. The same happened when Bill was doing his presentation. John assisted him in doing the introduction and the first part of the questions presentation. This happened until all the questions had been presented and all upcoming questions had been answered effectively to the satisfaction of the audience. Low opportunity, low morale and high team turnover and wasted time are key ingredients to ineffectiveness (Parker 2011). To avoid such problems, our team applied some important factors for team effectiveness that contributed to our team working successfully. Just to mention a few are cohesiveness and coordination, team training and team building activities. Cohesiveness and coordination defines the level of interaction of the team members to each other (Salas 1992). Our team had the greatest level of interaction, which was highly favored by the friendship that existed between us. Working with each other was much fun that one could not miss a meeting to engage in personal issues. For example, I had to fore go a family shopping day to attend a group discussion meeting.


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