Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Interview a Senior Citizen. It needs to be at least 2000 words. A: If just to amuse you, I was born an active child. My mother used to tell me that I am so much mobile that it worries her to leave me alone even for a few minutes, lest she finds me gone to the market. When I was 4 years old, I had emerged as the best runner among the children in the neighborhood. I liked playing more than anything else, and when I joined school, I remained active in sports and athletics. I mostly enjoyed the sports that involved a lot of movement. I liked football, and yes I do to date. I played football and basketball, and sometimes a little table tennis, although I did not appreciate indoor games very much. While at home, when my siblings enjoyed playing some indoor games, I always found myself outside running and playing football with other children. The trend continued throughout my high school and even in college. Q: What happened after you left college? You stopped being active in games? A: No, I did not stop. I joined a volleyball club in the neighborhood, where I spent most of my free time, when I was not at work. In fact, I have watched few movies at this age, than you have yourself, as young as you are right now. Q: So, your physical activities and exercises involved sports only? A: It would be appropriate to observe that, because the only exception is that. I have adopted a program of jogging one or two kilometers every day, but that started when I became less and less active in sports, as age caught up with me. Q: How about now, do you jog every day? And how active are you in the house? A: I no longer jog every day, but I ensure I do some walking daily, just to flex myself. I am also active in the house, doing some manual house chores like washing. Q: What mentally stimulating activities have you been undertaking in the course of your life? A: It is like I have been more physically active to the extent of forgetting mental stimulation. However, the old age has forced me to engage in reading books, which is what I do most this days. I am reading more and more religious books, just to keep my faith strong. I am also fairly informed on the current happenings, since I read current affairs articles and newspapers. However, the most interesting aspect of all. is my engagement with some other elderly people in the neighborhood, with whom we discuss a lot about life. My grandchildren have also helped me remain mentally active through their stimulating questions and engagements, which give me a reason to reflect more on life. Q: And how are you engaged socially with others? Do you get any form of social support? A: I am very active socially. You can see it for yourself I think. At home all I do is talk with the family. I even engage my grandchildren until they forget to do their home work. Before I retired, my office had become synonymous with a social club, since I preferred remaining in office over the breaks, and have a chat with my colleagues or even clients. I am socially active to date. I hope I had already told you that I engage a lot with some elderly people in the neighborhood. When I go out for a walk, every afternoon, I am bound to spend some 3 three hours out. Half of this time is spent talking interacting with others. Social interaction for me is even more of a whole-day activity on Sundays, because I do not go home after church, rather remaining behind to talk and reflect together with the church members. We often have mid-week meetings also.


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