Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Ethical hacking. It needs to be at least 2000 words. This note will self-destruct after you have read it. Or you could delete the note yourself ? Coursework Please complete this first section Your name Your Name Preferred email address Your working email address Lab Day Your Lab Day Lab Time Your Lab Time Please leave the remaining entries blank on this page, especially the red and yellow ones. They are the marking scheme for the coursework and as such must not be changed. The following marks cover most exercises. The marks will be averaged across your work, so that if you have some good and some bad labs they will balance out to an ‘average’ mark. Mark Specific Comments on individual lab exercises Description of Exercises [8 – 10] Excellent [5 – 7] Good but incomplete [3 – 4] Lack of clarity or content [1 – 2] Very Poor [0] No description /10 Method/Structure [41 – 50] Ideal content/structure [31 – 40] Very good content/structure [21 – 30] Good content/lacking some clarity or structure [11 – 20] Adequate/lacking content [0 – 10] Misleading/incorrect methods or structure /50 Activity and Results [19 – 20] Excellent [16 – 18] Covered well [10 – 15] Good, missing some elements [0 – 9] Very poor or missing most elements /20 Reflection [16 – 20] Excellent including related thoughts/ideas [11 – 15] Good, many areas covered [5 – 10] Relates only to lab outcomes with lack of personal insight [1 -4] Lack of depth of reflection / limited content [0] No reflection /20 Total /100 Lab Description Lab 2 – Essential TCP/IP tools Description of exercise Date lab undertaken: 15th October 2008 Operating System: Windows XP (state service pack) Exercise Description: [Describe the lab activity here. You should consider adding more than just my brief description.] Upon completion of this lab students will be familiar with a number of useful TCP/IP related tools and how to use said tools for diagnosing TCP/IP related problems. Method In this Lab we were introduced to the tools used to identify where problems may be occurring on the network. The lab consisted of several activities that included the use of the following utilities: CMD to enable a command line window, IPCONFIG to check and change the status of network adapters, and finally PING to identify if the machine was able to verify connections between hosts. Lab setup The PCs in ASG21 were connected to the Internet and there was no specific configuration required. Activity Finding out what you IP settings are Tasks Detail of activity 1 Use cmd to open a command line window 2 Use ipconfig /all to identify the network adapter settings 3 Record the settings returned from ipconfig /all Activity Results Tasks Result. Give reason if result is FAIL. 1 PASS Successfully open a command line window using cmd 2 PASS Successfully used ipconfig /all to show the network adapter settings. 3 Details can be seen in the screenshot below Activity Setting the IP Address on your computer Tasks Detail of activity 1 – 7 Use windows control panel to investigate and change the IP address from being dynamic to static. 1. Open control panel. 2. Select network connections 3. Select required connection. 4. Select the properties. 5. Select TCP/IP settings 6. Assign a manual IP address and apply it. 7. Once the address has been assigned, run IPCONFIG /ALL in a command line window to check that it has been changed.


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