Healthcare action research focuses on

Healthcare Action Research1OlaNike’ AkeredoluOctober 15, 2015DHA8011Assignment Unit 3Professor SolomonCapella UniversityHealthcare Action Research2Healthcare action research focuses on the use of research for improvingpractices in healthcare situations (Koshy & Waterman, 2011). Furthermore, actionresearcher focuses offers professionals a way to evaluate and investigate their ownwork (Vallenga, Grypdonck, Hoogwerf, & Tan, 2009). I arrived at this topic selectionbecause I think it is important that practitioners in the Healthcare industry understandhow well or not well they are performing in their field. Additionally, the use of actionresearch can give professionals the ability to provide better services and offer betterpatient care. In order to arrive at the results one must first be able to properly conductaction research. According to Vallenga, Grypdonck, Hoogwerf, & Tan, (2009) there arefour types of action research that can be used including experimental, organizational,professionalizing, and empowering. Each action research is also tied to seven differentdistinguishing criteria such as educative base, individuals in groups, problem focus,change intervention, improvement and involvement, cyclic processes, and researchrelationship with degree collaboration. The process of action research focuses on theplan of the research, action taking, making observations, and reflecting on the datagathered. Once the first process is completed a revised plan to the problem is givenand again goes through the action, observations, and reflection stage until what hasbeen causing the problem is properly identified (O,Brein, 1998).The basis for addressing the topic of action research is that it has been used as aresearch approach, for example it was used in the field of neurology by applying theresearch approach to situations involving epilepsy, elderly rehabilitation, and intellectualHealthcare Action Research3disability, but I do not think that it is applied as often as it should, and as a resultproblems and mistakes may occurring within the healthcare industry (Vallenga,Grypdonck, Hoogwerf, & Tan, 2009). When applied action research allowed for achange in attitudes and technical knowledge between the researchers and theparticipants, which allowed for improved services and care. If one of the goals of ahealthcare professional is to provide the best quality of care for a patient then I believethat action research should be incorporated and practiced by healthcare professionals.The problem in the healthcare industry is the action research is not applied enough andmay be resulting in a decrease in care throughout the industry. Action research zeros indirectly on a specific problem or issues surrounding one person or an organization as awhole. The investigation into the problem takes a close look at the problem itself,opposed to generalizations. This allows for individuals that have specific concerns orproblems a way to correct such issues (Annenberg, 2015). In the healthcare industrysince no body is perfect mistakes may occur, but the use of action research may beable to eliminate or reduce those mistakes from occurring if utilized more inorganizations and at an individual level.The process for arriving at healthcare action research was based on the literaturereview. There has been many cases and studies of action research in the healthcareindustry, but what I found interesting was the amount of articles that did not studyorganizations lacking action research. Upon reviewing the articles of action researchthat all inform the reader on what action research it, why it is important, and referencecase studies in which successful action research has added value and benefits forprofessional and patients, but very few articles addressed the issue of not applyingHealthcare Action Research4action research in the industry. The consequences of not applying action research maybe subjective and unknown, thus this is how I arrived at the topic selection of HealthcareAction Research. I think a proper study should focus on organizations that consistentlyapply action research against organizations who do not apply action research. Somedata that could be gathered on the two organizations would be quality of care, errorsmade, length of stay for same procedures, and number of complaints filed against eachorganization. This would help seek solutions to my interest on lack of information onorganizations who do not use action research, and will also support the benefits ofaction research found throughout the literature review.Healthcare Action Research5ReferencesAnnenberg. (2015). TFL: About This Workshop. Retrieved from, E., & Waterman, H. (2011). Action Research in Healthcare. Retrieved from’Brein. (1998). Overview of Action Research Methodology. Retrieved from, D., Grypdonk, M., Hoogwerf, L., & Tan, F. (2009). Action research: what, whyand how ? Retrieved from



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