GRM697 class

2 page each APA format

Word count is NOT one of the criteria that is
used in assigning points to written assignments. However,
who are successful in earning the maximum number of points tend to submit
written assignments that fall in the following ranges:
courses: 350 – 500 words or 1 – 2 pages.
courses: 500 – 750 words or 2 – 3 pages.
All work
must be free of any form of plagiarism. Put written answers into your own
words.Do not simply cut and paste your answers from the Internet and do not
copy your answers from the textbook. Be sure to refer to the course Syllabus
for more details on plagiarism and proper citation styles.
Unit 1
2 pages
Any one
Correlational, descriptive and historical research
are classified under one category known as none experimental research. Explain how
these types of research are the same and how they are different.
2. Discuss the characteristics of a good research
hypothesis. What distinguishes a null hypothesis from a research hypothesis? How would
you explain the difference between nondirectional research and directional research
3. Discuss the different types of sources (i.e.
general, primary, and secondary). What are the differences among these sources? Why
is it important that researchers utilize primary sourceswhen conducting a thorough review of
the literature?
2 pages
Any one
1. Summarize the four levels of measurement first
proposed by Stevens in 1951. Explain howknowing the level of measurement for
variables helps a researcher examine outcomes in a study.Diagram the
relationship of precision and levels of measurement.
2. Propose the reason that tests are so popular in
the field of assessment and social research.Consider the type of information they
provide and how they could be misused.
3. Outline the fours steps in the data collection
process. Explain why it is so important to besystematic in collecting data.
Unit 3
Any one
Explain how the results of a study can be
statistically significant but not meaningful. Propose anexample of when
this might occur.
2. Illustrate what a visual inspection of your data
through the use of a scatter plot can help youdetermine. Summarize the relationship
between data points on a scatter plot and a correlationcoefficient.
3. Distinguish qualitative research methods from those
categorized as quantitative methods.
Outline what types of questions qualitative
research addresses that cannot be addressed by quantitative research.
Unit 4
Any one
Explain how the presence of a control group
accounts for threats to internal validity. Summarize the types of
threats to internal validity that can be avoided by utilizing random assignment
to control and experimental groups.
2. Consider the tasks that every researcher should
address when preparing for data collection and analyses. Illustrate their
3. Outline the basic “rule of thumb” that
researchers follow when formatting a manuscript for publication.



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