Given this, you will be using a nonparametric test to

For your third lab you will be analyzing nominal data. Given this, you will be using a nonparametric test to analyze the data. Specifically, you will be doing a chi square test. This is done by going into the descriptive statistics and going to the crosstabs.First, you will need to bring the data into SPSS. The data is supplied below and you need to simply put the numbers in a new data file. This will not be difficult since there is only 2 numbers for males and 2 numbers for females.Next, you need to go into the descriptive statistics under the analyze menu. Click on crosstabs and then enter one variable in the row and one variable in the column. Click on options and make sure to then click on the Chi Square statistic. You may also choose to enter the percentages but it is not necessary and it may even be more confusing.Once analyzed look for the significance in the chi square statistics. Several chi squares will be performed. If one is below .05 then there is a significant difference between the variables (gender by verdict).Finally, you will be asked to interpret the output. Given this is a rape trial, you should be able to add some of your own input on the matter.Data for Lab 3Jurors rendering guilty verdictsMales25 out of 40 rendered guilty verdictsFemales60 out of 80 rendered guilty verdictsThis is a non-parametric test that uses nominal data (category) so you need to complete a Chi-Square Test for Independence. This test can be found on page 486 with an example of how to calculate the test. It is a simple test to complete by hand so I will not provide the output as I did in the past. You can either use the SPSS software to analyze the data or compute the problem by hand. Again, you have an example of how to conduct the test on page 486 in your textbook, looking at college students selecting majors. The analysis for this lab will be much easier because you are only dealing with 2 groups instead of 5.I need:I need the SPSS files, both the outcome and the other part of it where you put the data…and then I need an answer to everything he is asking even the interpreting… please don’t just say you can interpret it from the data… I don’t understand that.. can you please actually in words interpret the data..Basically do everything in the instructionsbut I need in the end…. the spss files with the outcome and the other file where you put the data in… and then I need a word document explaining all the things that need analyzing.



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