Find an article from a business newspaper/magazine

a.Find an article from a business newspaper/magazine about an event that hasimplications for international marketing. Recommended magazines are Time,Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, The Economist, BusinessWeek, and Forbes. Other sources may also be applicable. The event must berelated to one or more topics of the class. See the Course Outline andtextbook for the relevant topics.b.Read and understand the article and the focal event. In most instances, youmay need to search for additional articles related to the event. Thisinformation may enhance your understanding of the event and be useful inthe analysis of the event. However, your work will be evaluated based on theoriginal (i.e., main) article.c.Analyze the event for all possible marketing implications. This is a crucialstep. An event may associate with more than one marketing issue.Specifically, you need to analyze the event with respect to internationalmarketing environments and international marketing strategies. How toanalyze the event: Ask yourself as many marketing­related questions as youcan think of. For example, (1) what are the elements of the environment thatare affected by the event? (2) Will there be any reaction(s) from thegovernment(s), communities, etc.? (3) What industry will be affected andhow? (4) How will firms change their strategies to deal with the impact ofthat event? Note that these are general and sample questions. You may(and should) ask other questions that are relevant to your chosen event. Iprovide hereby two examples to highlight how marketing implications maybe drawn.•Example 1: The U.S. congress has recently approved the Permanent NormalTrade Relations (PNTR) for Vietnam. How will the business environments(i.e. economic and/or trade environments) change for companies doingbusiness in the US and Vietnam? What are the new opportunities andchallenges that firms will have to face? How will US global companies reactto that event?•Example 2: The launch of Apple’s iPhone 4 has created various reactions bycustomers as well as companies in the smart­phone industry. For instance,despite the excitement driven by the improved features—e.g., a higher­resolution screen and dual cameras for video chats—many consumers quicklyspread complaints about this product, especially about its receptioncapability, over the internet. A fewa.issues arise from this event. For example, what are the roles played by socialmedia in today’s global marketplace? How does the internet affectcompanies’ new product introduction strategies in a global scale? How cancompanies leverage the widespread of social media to promote new productsbased on incremental innovations?NOTE: Again, these are only sample questions. To analyze your event, youshould ask different questions. Please DO NOT state these questions inyour report!2.Prepare your report:i.Page limit: 2 pages, not including the cover page. Bullet points are welcome.ii.Content of your report:Cover page: Title of the article, name of the magazine and date ofpublication, and your name.Introduction/summary of the event.International Marketing ImplicationsIn terms of marketing environment(s)In terms of marketing strategiesConclusion.References/Appendix: Citation of the article(s) and other sources ofinformation used in your report.iii.Format:Use the APA format to write your report. This link,,gives you a guideline ofthe APA format.Name your file as follows:YourClassSection_LastNameofOneMember_BriefTitle (such as:10745_Smith_Iphone4).



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