Explain how you would evoke a startle response

PSYC 365ESSAY 1 QUESTIONSAnswer these questions in essay format, using the instructions provided in the AssignmentInstructions folder. Review the Essay 1 Grading Rubric to see how your essay will be graded.1. Explain how you would evoke a startle response (reflex) using classical conditioning in anunsuspecting friend using an abnormal signal (produces the reflex). Describe your friend’sreflex response and a signal that will produce that reflex response; then choose another signalfor the reflex and predict the outcome of using that signal. Clearly label the UnconditionedStimulus (UCS), Unconditioned Response (UCR), Conditioned Stimulus (CS), andConditioned Response (CR). Include a description of the setting and process for thishypothetical situation.2. Describe how you would use operant conditioning, with a program of shaping, to get a messyroommate to make his/her bed neatly. Include and label the antecedent stimulus, response,and reinforcement of the changing program standards, and a method of self-regulation for theroommate.3. In a hypothetical psychology internship, you have encountered a child with destructivetendencies. She bites herself, her dog, and your bag of supplies. Being afraid for her safetyand your own well-being, you institute a plan to change her behavior. Suggest a punishment,with her possible reactions to that punishment. Then, try substituting an alternative behaviorby reinforcing an incompatible response. Label the antecedent stimulus for the bitingresponse, Punishment I or II, escape or avoidance, and the reinforcement for the new namedresponse. What do you consider to be the best theory or method for improving this child’sbehavior?4. Give an example of a situation where you can model more effective behavior for someonewhom you could positively influence. Describe in detail: yourself (the model), the observer,the behavior, and the reinforcement using at least 5 principles of Social Learning Theory.This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 3.



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